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Letters of Recommendation

frontdoor of the College of MedicineThe UVM College of Medicine is a participant in the AMCAS letter service. We will ONLY accept letters of recommendation through the AMCAS letter service. Unfortunately, we cannot accept letters of recommendation sent directly to the medical school. Please read the following guidelines carefully regarding letters of recommendation:

For the MD Program

We require a recommendation from the Premedical Advisor or Committee at your college or university. If your school does not have an advisor or committee, you must provide three letters of recommendation from professors adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Two letters must be from professors in the sciences with whom you have taken classes.
  • One additional letter must be from a non-science professor with whom you have taken a class.

You may submit additional letters of your choice. Please do not submit more than six (6) letters of recommendation.

Please note: If you have a Committee letter you do NOT need to send any additional letters.


It is an applicant's responsibility to ensure that they adhere to these guidelines and submit the required letters by the deadline. If you cannot adhere to the above guidelines due to the fact that you have been out of school for several years, etc, please contact the admissions office at

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