University of Vermont

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Interviewing at UVM: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What time does the interview day start?

Answer: Your interview day begins at 8:00 with an optional class visit, otherwise 9:30am and lasts until 3:30 pm. In order to ensure that the day begins on time, we ask that applicants arrive no later than 9:15 am unless you are planning on attending a class earlier. The times of classes will be posted in your confirmation email.

Question: Should I plan to eat breakfast before I arrive on campus? What about lunch on interview day?

Answer: If you are an early riser, you may certainly eat before arriving on campus. There will be complimentary coffee, tea and light fare (granola bars, etc) in the morning. The admissions office is located adjacent to the Atrium Cafe, where you are welcome to purchase a more substantial breakfast, if you wish. And don't worry about lunch--it is on us, compliments of our Medical Alumni Association.

Question: What is a typical interview day like?

Answer: When you arrive you will meet and chat with fellow applicants. There will be presentations about UVM and financial aid and a brief tour of both the College of Medicine and Fletcher Allen Health Care, our clinical partner. You will have a chance to eat lunch with current students and meet with a member of the College of Medicine leadership team. In the afternoon, you will be interviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee.

Question: Will I know in advance who my interviewer is?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are not able to do so. Because all of our interviewers are working clinicians whose schedules frequently change, we do not give applicants the name of their interviewer until the morning of the interview day.

Question: How many interviews will I have?

Answer: You will be interviewed by one member of the Admissions Committee.

Question: How long is the interview?

Answer: Interviews are scheduled for 45 minutes. We urge applicants not to read too much significance into the length of the interview and instead, focus on letting the interviewer get to know the person behind the application.

Question: What should I wear to my interview?

Answer: Most applicants wear formal business attire to their interview. We encourage you to wear shoes that you feel comfortable walking in and that have closed toes, as we will be visiting clinical sites on the tour. During our colder months, we also encourage you to watch the weather reports and be sure to pack warm clothing.

Question: May I bring a friend or relative to the interview day?

Answer: Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we are not able to accommodate non-interviewees during the interview day activities.

Question: What will my interviewer know about me ahead of time?

Answer: Your interviewer will have seen your AMCAS and supplemental applications, but not your letters of recommendation.

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