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Welcome, Class of 2016

Congratulations on your admission to the UVM College of Medicine


We want to congratulate you on your admission to the Class of 2016 and wish you a happy and successful four years here. This is a wonderful medical school with an excellent faculty and students who are both talented and congenial. We all welcome you as colleagues!

We're here to help!

Starting college is a very exciting time as we are sure you are thinking about orientation and beginning your life in medical school. The Office of Medical Student Education strive to provide a quality orientation program and we are here to help make your transition to UVM as smooth as possible. Do not hesitate to contact the admissions office at, or by phone at (802) 656-2154.

Required Forms (PDF)

Student Financial Services

Orientation Information

  • Orientation Week Schedule (coming soon)
  • 2012-2013 Academic Calendar (coming soon)
  • Books & Supplies List (coming soon)
  • 2012-13 Student Handbook (coming soon)

Getting Settled

Get Ready for Orientation - August 6-10, 2012

Orientation is a five-day program required of all new students. This program has been planned for you and your classmates for Monday, August 6th through Friday, August 10th. Registration begins at 8:00 am on Monday.

By participating in Orientation we hope you will:

  • Become acquainted with each other and with some students from classes ahead of you
  • Meet many of the faculty and staff
  • Become more familiar with the curriculum
  • Learn about important campus resources available to you
  • Develop an understanding your college's academic expectations
  • Learn more about financial services
  • Provide you with the technology and training to be successful
  • Become familiar with the University Student Learning and Development Outcomes
  • Have fun!

It is essential that you be present for the entire orientation.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to:

  • Pay attention to all University requirements and fee deadlines
  • Attend Orientation
  • Get involved
  • Seek assistance

You will be required to complete many tasks prior to orientation. Most all of the information you will need to complete these tasks is included on this page.

Below is a quick overview of information you will need to provide prior to orientation and beyond:

** Prior to Orientation You Must **


Multiple acceptance deadine: Please note that the deadline for those holding multiple acceptances to select one school and release all others is Monday, May 15th. In order to receive a refund of your enrollment deposit, we must receive your request to withdraw no later than that date. For more information, please review the Admitted Applicant Responsibilities (pdf)

Background Check: Your acceptance is provisional until you have completed and released the results of a criminal background check. More information about the background check is available here.

Final Transcripts: Please send a copy of your final transcript showing all degrees conferred to the admissions office (address below). We must receive your transcripts prior to matriculation.

FacebookClass of 2016 Facebook page: A Facebook group for the Class of 2016 has been set up for classmates to connect with each other prior to orientation regarding housing, etc.. The name of the group is University of Vermont College of Medicine Class of 2016. Please note that participation is wholly voluntary and anyone who chooses to participate should use good judgment in what is posted and remember that this means of communication should not be considered private or confidential.

Contacting Us: We know that as you prepare for school you will have many questions===from housing concerns to financial aid, to preparing to get settled in Vermont. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you! For specific concerns please feel free to contact the following:

  • Orientation== Barbara Brisson, Coordinator of Events & Student Activities / 802-656-0757

  • Health Insurance Questions== Margaret Johnson - Student Health Office / (802) 656-0602

  • Immunization/Serology Questions== Beth Beers- Student Health Office / (802) 656-0600

  • Transcripts, Housing, Area Information== Shona Sladyk, Admissions / 802-656-2154 == Cary Jewkes, Admissions / (802)-626-9292

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