University of Vermont

College of Medicine


Summer Research Fellowship

Research at the University of Vermont, and The University of Vermont Medical Center, nationally or internationally.

Support is available for several Research Fellowship projects and will be awarded based on the relative merit of the proposals submitted. These awards are intended to support medical student research experiences in the summer between the first and second year curriculums.

Research experience can be either at UVM or elsewhere but an identified mentor is required. In the late fall there will be a meeting about research opportunities in the College of Medicine. Attendance at this meeting is encouraged if applying for a College of Medicine Summer Research Fellowship.

In addition to Summer Research Fellowships funded by the Dean’s office, other sources of funding may be available to support summer research projects. These include individual faculty sponsors (who may have grant monies available), departmental training grants or other sources depending on the specific area of research. Information on other programs can be found on departmental bulletin boards as well as electronic notices periodically forwarded from national or regional funding agencies. Remember, every program has deadlines, and there are students applying to these programs from around the country.

Students who wish to apply for College of Medicine Summer Research Fellowships at UVM will receive a maximum of $3,000 for a minimum eight-week project. These funds provide a stipend intended to support student living costs over the summer and are taxable. They are not for project costs. Also, the total number of stipends will be limited, but usually around ten are available. Brief but formal proposals must be submitted in the spring with final reports due in the fall.

Three awards will be given based on the merit of the project and the final report. Recipients of the award will receive $500 and recognition at graduation. In addition, the recipients will be asked to present a brief summary of their experience to the next year’s class. While students that obtain funding through other means are not required to submit a final report, all those who wish to be eligible for the College of Medicine Summer Research Award will be required to submit a final report.

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