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  • In 2013, College of Medicine funding represented nearly 64% of total research funding at UVM.
  • A total of 308 research projects were funded at the College of Medicine in 2013.
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In 2013, the UVM College of Medicine received nearly $68 million in research funding, representing nearly 64 percent of total research funding at the University. Principal investigators led more than 300 funded projects in the basic, clinical and translational sciences, advancing our reputation for outstanding science and discovery.

Christopher Jones, Ph.D.

Jones’ “Low Touch” Health Behavior System Piques Interest of World Economic Leaders

For two days last month, the University of Vermont’s Christopher Jones, Ph.D., spent time with some of the world’s political and economic leaders explaining how their national security is closely tied to the health of their populations.

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Christopher Huston, M.D.

Gates Foundation Taps Huston Lab for Intestinal Parasite Treatment Research

In his lab in the University of Vermont’s Stafford Hall, Christopher Huston, M.D., associate professor of medicine and infectious disease expert, and his team are growing cultures of a deadly, microscopic intestinal parasite in the tiny wells of a plate about the size of a smartphone. Into each of the 384 wells in each plate, ...

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Abigail Crocker, Ph.D.

Crocker Joins Statewide Group for Study on Long-term Outcomes for Opioid-Exposed Children

Vermont has become a nationally known leader in caring for pregnant women addicted to pain relievers and their babies.

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