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  • In 2013, College of Medicine funding represented nearly 64% of total research funding at UVM.
  • A total of 308 research projects were funded at the College of Medicine in 2013.
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In 2013, the UVM College of Medicine received nearly $68 million in research funding, representing nearly 64 percent of total research funding at the University. Principal investigators led more than 300 funded projects in the basic, clinical and translational sciences, advancing our reputation for outstanding science and discovery.

Donald Weaver, M.D.

Weaver Study Examines Diagnostic Accuracy of Pathologists’ Interpretations of Breast Biopsies

The accuracy of pathologists’ diagnoses is an important and under-studied area. Now, a new study released this week in the March 17 issue of JAMA reports that pathologists interpreting breast biopsies have high levels of agreement on the most serious of breast cancers – invasive – and lower levels of agreement for biopsy ...

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Sylvie Doublié, Ph.D.

Doublie and Zahn’s 3-D Snapshot of Protein Highlights Potential Drug Target for Breast Cancer

The genome of a cell is under constant attack, suffering DNA damage that requires an army of repair mechanisms to keep the cell healthy and alive. Understanding the behavior of the enzymes defending these assaults helps determine how – and where – cancer gets its foothold and flourishes. New research published in an Advance ...

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Andrew Solomon, M.D.

Solomon Study Examines Physician-Industry Conflict of Interest Issue from MS Patient Perspective

If you’re one of the nearly half a million Americans living with multiple sclerosis (MS) – a slowly disabling disease of the central nervous system – you are likely dependent on disease-modifying drugs to prevent symptoms such as vision problems, balance issues and weakness. Often, these treatments have been developed ...

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