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  • In 2013, College of Medicine funding represented nearly 64% of total research funding at UVM.
  • A total of 308 research projects were funded at the College of Medicine in 2013.
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In 2013, the UVM College of Medicine received nearly $68 million in research funding, representing nearly 64 percent of total research funding at the University. Principal investigators led more than 300 funded projects in the basic, clinical and translational sciences, advancing our reputation for outstanding science and discovery.

Diann Gaalema, Ph.D., UVM assistant professor of psychiatry.

Gaalema & Colleagues Examine Smoking’s Impact on Behavior in Two Disadvantaged Populations

Smoking is tied to a wide variety of health problems and in vulnerable populations – including individuals with mental illness and/or low socio-economic status – those problems can get far more complicated, according to new research from the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

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Stephen Higgins, Ph.D.

Higgins Receives $3.6 Million Grant to Help Moms Quit Smoking, Decrease Kids' Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Disadvantaged women begin smoking at an earlier age, are heavier smokers and are more likely to be nicotine dependent and to fail at smoking cessation. When they become pregnant and have children, the behavior doesn’t change. In fact, almost 85 percent of U.S. children from low-income families are chronically exposed to ...

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Four Innovative Research Project Proposals Earn SPARK-VT Funding at UVM

University of Vermont Vice President for Research Richard Galbraith, M.D., Ph.D., has announced that four UVM research teams have each been awarded seed grants – ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 – to help move their innovative work one step closer to the marketplace. The researchers were among six finalist teams who pitched ...

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