University of Vermont

UVM Athletics’ Rally Against Cancer and Skating Strides Raise Nearly $7000 & Awareness for VCC

(Photo Courtesy of UVM Athletics)

UVM Athletics wrapped up the season’s “Rally Against Cancer” and Hockey East “Skating Strides Against Cancer” initiatives on February 15, 2014, raising a total of $6,930.75 for breast cancer research at the Vermont Cancer Center (VCC) at the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen. The events are part of a nationwide annual campaign designed to promote breast cancer awareness and research support.

Featuring UVM athletes wearing special edition pink game jerseys, the special initiatives took place at four home games. UVM basketball hosted the Rally Against Cancer at a February 5 women’s game and February 15 men’s game; UVM hockey hosted the “Skating Strides Against Cancer” at a January 25 women’s game and a February 14 men’s game. UVM women’s basketball also participated in the Play 4Kay initiative. A celebrity server dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in South Burlington, Vt., was held January 21 as part of the Rally Against Cancer effort.

Vermont Cancer Center members and UVM faculty members Gary Stein, Ph.D., VCC co-director, Alan Howe, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmacology, Brian Sprague, Ph.D., assistant professor of surgery, and Christine Vatovec, Ph.D., research assistant professor of human health and the environment, were on hand to represent the Vermont Cancer Center as UVM Athletics wrapped up the special series on February 15, 2014.

Pink game jerseys were auctioned off as a part of UVM Athletics’ fundraising efforts for breast cancer research at the VCC.

View a WCAX-TV Channel 3 sports news clip featuring VCC members Brian Sprague. Christine Vatovec, and the junior member of their family, as they helped kick off the men's basketball game on February 15 at UVM’s Patrick Gym.