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The UVM College of Medicine educates physicians and biomedical scientists, and supports Graduate Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education, Fellowships and Postdoctoral training programs.

Dean Morin addresses incoming medical students at a past UVM College of Medicine Orientation


Is There a Doctor in the House? Profiles of Medicine’s Future at the University of Vermont

In 2006, the projected U.S. future physician shortage prompted the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to recommend a whopping 30 percent increase in enrollment at the nation’s medical schools. Fast forward to 2014 and recent reports from the AAMC estimating a shortfall of 45,000 primary care physicians and 46,000 ...

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A medical student studying in Cuba (far left) shares her perspective on Cuba’s system with UVM Class of 2015 medical student Benjamin Brown, Associate Dean for Clinical Education Tania Bertsch, M.D., Class of 2018 medical student Ayse Celebioglu, Vermont State Representative Ann Pugh, and Class of 2015 medical student Nicole Meredyth. (Photo: Courtesy of William Jeffries)


Getting the Cuban Perspective on Primary Care

In June, a group of University of Vermont College of Medicine faculty and students – and others – visited Cuba in order to get a firsthand look at the Caribbean country’s healthcare system through a special course organized and led by Associate Dean for Primary Care Charles Maclean, M.D., and Director of the Office of ...

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Mitchell Tsai, M.D.’03, assistant professor of anesthesiology and director of OR management and operations at Fletcher Allen, local valve trombonist George Voland, and three other Vermont-based jazz musicians, demonstrate the similarities between leadership in a jazz quartet and leadership among medical teams as part of orientation week for 62 new UVM/Fletcher Allen residents.


Lessons from Jazz: Interns Begin Residency

On Monday, June 16, 2014, Fletcher Allen Health Care welcomed 62 new residents – freshly graduated from medical school – to Vermont’s academic medical center where they will complete training for the next three to seven years, depending on their specialty. In addition to absorbing large volumes of new information, protocols ...

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