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Community Medical School

Designed to share the medical learning experience with our greater community, Community Medical School is a public lecture series featuring relevant topics presented by University of Vermont College of Medicine/University of Vermont Medical Center faculty experienced with delivering scientific information in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner.

Thank you for a successful Fall 2016 series! Mark your calendars - the Spring 2017 semester begins on Tuesday, March 7th.

To view videos, slides and resource information from the Fall 2016 presentations and other past lectures, visit the Community Medical School Archives Page.

The Fall 2016 Community Medical School series includes the following presentations:

September 6 - Prostate Cancer: Innovations & Strategies for Reducing Mental and Physical Impact

Scott Perrapato, D.O.Scott Perrapato, D.O., Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Urology

October 4 - The State of Opioid Addiction in Vermont: Treatment & Research

Charles MacLean, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Primary Care; Patricia Fisher, M.D., Assistant Professor of Family Medicine; and Stephen Leffler, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Chief Medical Officer at the UVM Medical Center

November 1 - The Dengue Fever Vaccine: How It Can Help Us Defend Against the Zika Virus

Sean Diehl, Ph.D. and Kristen Pierce, M.D.Sean Diehl, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, and Kristen Pierce, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and UVM Vaccine Testing Center researchers

December 6 - Genomic Medicine in Vermont

Debra Leonard, M.D.Debra Leonard, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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