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Community Medical School

Designed to share the medical learning experience with our greater community, Community Medical School is a public lecture series featuring relevant topics presented by University of Vermont College of Medicine/University of Vermont Medical Center faculty experienced with delivering scientific information in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner.

Mark your calendars! We'll be back for the Fall 2016 semester beginning Tuesday, September 6th.

To view videos, slides and resource information from the Spring 2016 presentations and other past lectures, visit the Community Medical School Archives Page.

March 1 - All Stressed Out: Symptoms, Physiology and Approaches for Relief

Beth Robbins, Psy.D.
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Director,
Seneca Mood and Anxiety Disorders Clinic

What’s the difference between anxiety and stress? Explore the physical, cognitive and behavioral aspects of stress and what’s going on inside your body when you experience symptoms. Different types of stress and treatments to combat the negative effects of stress will also be discussed.

April 5 - Global Health: A View from Uganda

Robert Kalyesubula, M.D.
Founder, ACCESS-Uganda, and Rainer Arnhold Teaching Fellow, Makerere University, Uganda

The growing UVM Global Health program relies on partnerships with medical school and health care systems across the globe. Hear from this important partner and physician about his experiences providing healthcare to a vulnerable population in Nakaseke, his commitment to teaching the next generation, and his pledge to give back to a community that has given so much to him.

May 3 - Mammography and Breast Cancer Screening: The New Guidelines

Ted James, M.D.
Professor of Surgery; Member, UVM Cancer Center; Board Member and Medical Director, New England American Cancer Society

In October 2015, the American Cancer Society released new guidelines regarding the age and frequency of mammograms for women. Gain a better understanding of the role of mammography in breast cancer detection, mammography’s benefits and limitations, and also review the updated United States Preventive Services Task Force breast cancer screening recommendations.

June 7 - Examining the Science of Medical Cannabis

Wolfgang Dostmann, Ph.D., and
Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D.

Professors of Pharmacology

Discover how cannabis acts in the body and affects the brain, as well as review current therapeutic uses for medical cannabis. Learn about the comparative risks of cannabis side effects and addiction. Discuss barriers associated with the use of medical cannabis and goals for future potential therapies and research.

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