University of Vermont

The Mosaic Center for Students of Color

My name is Sheena Daree Miller and I am pleased to join the MCSC as the Interim Coordinator for Programs and Student Leadership Development for the 2017-2018 academic year. In this capacity I will be working with various student of color affiliated organizations and supporting student of color leaders at UVM. I am excited to advocate for student initiatives and hope to be a useful resource for undergraduates as they develop and cultivate the skills and understanding necessary to build community and foster change. I self-identify as a black, queer femme and am a tried-and-true Midwesterner. I have bounced around a lot and am constantly chasing travel deals and adventures. Right now, I am working towards my goal of living in Vermont for at least 1,000 days. Stop by my office if you would like to chat, go for a walk or have some tea.