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The Peer Mentoring Program is a program designed to assist in the social, personal, and academic acclimation to UVM by pairing incoming first-year students with outstanding sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students who act as mentors throughout the academic year. This program has been in existence since 2001 and has proven to be successful for both the mentees and mentors.

Why Mentoring?

Mentoring can be defined as a helpful relationship between a younger and older individual. The purpose of the Peer Mentoring Program is to increase the academic, career, and social success of first year students of color, including first-generation college students, students with limited income, New Americans, and anyone else who wants to be a part of the MCSC community. This is done by creating a greater sense of community at UVM. The program matches continuing undergraduate and graduate students with first year students. Mentors build relationships with mentees by sharing their time and knowledge of resources at UVM and the greater Burlington community.

In addition to providing support, mentors are also bridge-builders between their first-year mentees and the student service departments across campus. This means that students have a ready resource for a wide range of questions about being a student at UVM.

One of the primary goals of the Peer Mentoring Program is to foster academic excellence through academic programming. We will provide you with workshops on time management skills, study skills, test prep, internships, study abroad, and much more. The workshops provided are based off of the information that you want to learn. If you ask for it, we will work on making it happen!

Want to be a Peer Mentor?
Want to be a 1st year Mentee?

Mentors Can Provide:

  • Personalized guidance and friendship during the first year of university life.
  • Experience and knowledge about how to be a successful college student.
  • Information about academic resources, co-curricular activities, and social life at UVM.
  • Introductions to Burlington and local community resources.

Many activities are offered during the school year to enhance the mentor/mentee relationship. In addition, mentees and mentors assist in the planning of activities. Past activities have included:

  • Bowling Nights
  • Free tickets to the Flynn Center for Performing Arts
  • Laser Tag at Pizza Putt
  • A Halloween party
  • Movie and Game Nights
  • Ice Skating

Why Become a Mentor?

Mentoring can be defined as a trusting and helpful relationship between an older and younger individual. The purpose of becoming a mentor in college is to create a trusting and helpful relationship, which will assist incoming students with the challenges associated with the first year of college. Peer Mentors take on the responsibility of assisting students' growth and development by providing academic and personal support. Mentors are also expected to be a role model and assist with setting goals for their mentee, both academically and personally.

As a Mentor, you will learn how to provide:

  • Personalized guidance and friendship during the first year of university life
  • An insight to your experience and knowledge as successful college students
  • Information about academic resources, social activities and social life at UVM
  • Introductions to Burlington and the local community resources

Student Testimonies:

"Thinking about what I've gained from mentoring, I think the most significant thing has been being able to learn from my mistakes and actually apply that knowledge to help someone else out. A lot of things our mentees are going through, we've already dealt with, whether successfully or not and it is a chance to reflect on that and apply what we learned. Being a mentor has greatly enhanced my experience, not only as a student, but as an individual. I've had to opportunity to assess my past decisions & experiences and learn from them, while passing that knowledge down to a new friend. The program gives us all a chance to learn from each other, grow together, and have fun in the process!" ~Vicki Lee

"As a first year student the Peer Mentoring program introduced me to fun and free activities in the area. More importantly, I was able to build a relationship with my peer mentor that still exists today, a year later. My mentor Sonali, a first year graduate student, was supportive and offered a judgment free environment. As friends, we both opened up to one another and felt more welcomed at the University of Vermont." ~Marjete Vucinaj

"Having a mentor during my first year was a very enriching experience. It was great knowing someone had my back and had gone through similar experiences. My mentor made me feel a lot less alone during my first year. My mentor gave me plenty of great advice and I felt better prepared for what was to come here at UVM through my conversations with her. Being a mentee made my first year a great deal easier, and I was able to meet some of my current friends though the Peer Mentoring Program!" ~Gisselle Francis

"The Peer Mentoring Program gave me an opportunity to have someone older to help guide me. It was nice knowing I always had someone to talk to or ask for help whenever I needed it. The program also gave me a chance to meet a ton of new people I probably would have never met on my own. It also provided me with a home away from home." ~Isora Lithgow

To become involved with this incredible program as either a mentee or mentor, please complete the application posted above. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the program coordinator, Jaydeen Santos at

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