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Vermont Master Composter Volunteer Opportunities
For Track 1 Master Composter Students

You are required to do 20 hours of volunteering in the first 2 years after taking the course in order to earn your Master Composter Certification. To maintain your certification, you must volunteer 5 hours per year.

Master Gardener/Master Composter Project sites

This is for Certified Master Gardeners or Interns who ARE also working on Master Composter Certification. You can volunteer at one of the EMG/Composter projects that are listed below. When you click on the project list, be sure to view column “I” that indicates if it is also a compost project. Contact the project leader to get involved.

Northern Project List
Southern Project List

Master Gardener/Master Composter Hours Record Form

If you are a Master Gardener/Master Composter, please complete the composter hours section provided within the EMG volunteer hours form when submitting your annual EMG volunteer hours, by January 31st each year.

Master Composter Project Sites

This is for those pursuing a Master Composter certification who are NOT Certified Extension Master Gardeners or interns. You can volunteer at one of the approved Master Composter project sites listed below. Your project site leader is responsible for reporting your volunteer hours by Jan. 31st of each year. It is your responsibility to report your hours to your project site leader.You can use a personal record form to keep track of your volunteer hours on your own during 2017. The list of projects you can volunteer at is below. Contact the project leader to get involved.   This is optional, and does not need to be turned into the state office. If you are working with a project leader, you can turn this into your project leader who will report your hours at the end of the year.

Composter Project Sites

One-Time Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out this form if you are an Intern or Certified Master Gardener and/or VT Master Composter and you would like to request approval for volunteer hours that will be completed at a "one-time" event.

One-time events are events that happen one time, one day per year for a few hours. These are not events that occur over several days every single year. This must be an event that will only happen one time, and will never occur again. These one-time events do not qualify as "on-going" EMG or MC projects, but align with the science-based educational mission of the organization. Examples of one-time volunteer events include:

1. EMG/MC speakers for a one-time workshop held in collaboration with other community groups or non-profits.

2. EMG/MC's are needed at schools or community groups to deliver a one-time class or deliver garden/compost advice one time only.

3. EMG/MC's are needed at one-time partner events, (one day for a few hours) to display research-based gardening/composting information (farmer’s markets, trade shows, community celebrations, etc.).

Note: If the event stretches over several days to a week, and happens on an annual or biannual basis it is not considered a one-time event. It is considered an on-going project.

New Long Term Projects

If you are a certified Master Gardener/Master Composter and wish to propose an ongoing Master Gardener/Master Composter project, fill out the EMG Member Project Proposal form. This will be reviewed and approved by both the state office and the local EMG Chapter Steering Team.

If you are a Master Composter Intern and you cannot find an on-going project in your local area or one that fits your scheduling needs, we do make exceptions for these extenuating circumstances. Please fill out our Independent Project Worksheet and get in touch with your local Member Support Specialist - Kitty Werner for Franklin, Orleans, Essex, Caledonia, Orange, Washington, Lamoille, Addison, & Chittenden Counties, and Cindy Heath for Rutland, Windsor, Bennington & Windham Counties. Kitty and Cindy can help you figure out what the best next step is for you.

If you are a project leader at a Solid Waste Management District or organization (not a volunteer) that does compost outreach on an ongoing basis, you can apply to be an official MC site by filling out the Request to be an “official” Master Composter site form . This form is for MASTER COMPOSTER SITE LEADERS to fill out for on-going Master Composter Project Sites ONLY! DO NOT fill this out if you are a Certified Master Gardener, or a Master Composter who is NOT a project leader.

Master Composter Site Leaders

This volunteer hours’ form is to be filled out if you are a project leader at a Solid Waste Management District or organization, on behalf of their Master Composter volunteers.

For example: the next due date is Jan. 31st, 2018. Leaders should fill out the volunteer hours form for the hours your volunteers logged from January 1st-December 31st of 2017.

Share approved composter volunteer opportunities with other Vermont Master Composters by using the listserv.

Contact Vermont Master Composter @ .

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