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Anyone with a garden, lawn, trees or house plants has a use for compost! Composting is about recycling organic material back to the soil in a usable form. It’s also about reawakening our awareness of the value of healthy soil in the food web. Composting is practical, convenient and inexpensive.

Learn to Compost

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The Vermont Master Composter training course offers an in-depth study of backyard composting. Take the course to learn about the many different ways to turn food scraps and yard trimmings into compost for healthier, nutrient rich soil.

Get Certified!

Learn how you can become a certified Vermont Master Composter by applying the knowledge you gain during the course through volunteer community outreach.

Vermont's Universal Recycling Law (Act 148)

Vermont's Universal Recycling Symbols

Did you know that Act 148 bans disposal of leaf, yard and clean wood debris by 2016, and food scraps by 2020, in Vermont? Learn more about the new Universal Recycling Law.

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