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       UVM Extension Master Gardener Course 2015

                February 3 - April 28, 2015

                   (reserve May 5 in case of possible class cancellations)

                Tuesday Evenings, 6:15-9:00pm

                     Course fee: $395.00 (fee, dates & time subject to change)

                     (includes on-line manual & course materials. Printed copies of the manual are available for an additional $55)

                Registration information available late Fall, 2014

            See location information and additional course details at the bottom of this page.

Scholarship information available here

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive the 2015 course information & registration form, please send your name and postal address to

Students @ Middlebury VIT site
Students @ Williston VIT site
Students at Middlebury VIT site
Students at Williston VIT site

"I learned so much in the EMG course and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in gardening."

“Overall, the course was a very worthwhile experience. I am looking forward to going on to participate in chapter projects and increasing/sharing my knowledge.”

“I thought a lot was review for me (been in the green industry for 20 yrs.), but as I helped clients with their gardens, information gained at MG classes became evident and clear as I put it into practice. Definitely a plus to my gardening knowledge!”

“The course strengthened my understanding of my surroundings and was a joy to be a part of. Now I proceed with a greater confidence in horticulture in all areas.”

Locations Around the State

This course will be offered statewide via Vermont Interactive Television. For information on VIT visit

Additional Course Details

For additional course details, please click here.

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