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What is a Vermont Master Composter?

A Vermont Master Composter is a volunteer, trained to teach others about composting.  Vermont Master Composters have completed the Vermont Master Composter Training Program, which includes an internship of twenty hours of community outreach.  At the completion of the program, you will be familiar with composting methods, recipes, biology, and the uses of compost.  You will also know the basics of how to teach others and what assistance is available for holding courses, putting on displays, or doing other volunteer work that contributes to the sustainable use of organic materials.  The course manual covers the basic concepts of backyard composting and community outreach.


Composting is about recycling organic material back to nature.  It’s also about reawakening our awareness of the value of healthy soil in the food web.  Getting in touch with nature, getting in touch with ourselves, and getting in touch with each other are all important parts of creating a sustainable future for human beings on Earth. 


As a Vermont Master Composter, you will have the knowledge and resources to train and encourage others to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  You will have access to professionals and other Master Composters to assist in answering questions.  Updates, interesting articles, and other resources will be mailed to you as they become available.  A web site will be maintained as a resource and to highlight your accomplishments.  As the number of participants expands in an area, regional activities can be developed to help maintain your skills and keep in touch with other Master Composters.

Certification requirements


In order to become certified as a Vermont Master Composter, the participant must fulfill the following requirements.


  • Attend all classes. To make up a missed class the student should view a video of the missed class and submit a summary of the material covered.
  • Complete 20 hours of community outreach within two years of completing the coursework.


To maintain active status, the Vermont Master Composter must:

  • Complete an average of 5 hours per year of community outreach.
  • Maintain registration through yearly completion of required forms.

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Vermont Master Composter is sponsored by the University of Vermont (UVM) Extension Master Gardener with funding from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation - Agency of Natural Resources. UVM Extension Master Gardener is an integral part of the University of Vermont Extension Home Horticulture Program and gratefully acknowledges the support of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

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