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Transferring from another State

If you are a Master Gardener in another state and would like to transfer your certification to UVM Extension Master Gardener, please complete the following steps: (Please note: If you would like to lead an ongoing EMG project in Vermont, you are required to transfer your certification to the UVM Extension Master Gardener program).

Step 1. Fill out the Transfer Application Form .

Step 2: Complete the National Plant Diagnostic Network First Detector online training modules. You can begin this process by watching the orientation video.

Orientation Video
NPDN Modules website

The 6 modules we require are as follows:

1. Mission of the NPDN
2. Monitoring for High Risk Pests
3. Diagnosing Plant Problems
4. Submitting Diagnostic Samples
5. Photography for Diagnosis
6. Disease and Pest Scenarios

Step 3: You will be issued a certificate of completion for the NPDN modules which you can either print and send to our office, (see info below) or email to as a PDF form.

Step 4: Submit your $50 membership dues via check to our office. Checks can be made payable to “UVM Foundation,” and mailed to: UVM Extension Master Gardener, 63 Carrigan Dr. Jeffords 206, Burlington, VT 05405. Indicate, “EMG Transfer” on your check.

Step 5: Once the NPDN certificate and membership dues are received, our office will provide you with the following:

  • Email you the Online Version of the Extension Master Gardener Sustainable Gardening Manual where the Chapter Readings are found for the 4 required lecture recordings listed below.
  • Email you the link to the 4 REQUIRED Lecture recordings on YouTube (1. What It Means to Be a Certified Master Gardener Volunteer in Vermont, 2. Native and Invasive Plants in Vermont, 3. Intro to Plant Pathology and IPM, 4. Sustainable Landscape Design).
  • Email you the username and password to access the members only portion of our website.
  • Add you to your local EMG Chapter Listserv and share your contact information with your local EMG Chapter, so they can be in touch with you about volunteering.
  • Mail your Vermont EMG certified badge and certificate, (Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery).

Step 6: Read the required Chapter Readings and watch the 4 required lecture recordings listed in Step 5.

Welcome to the Vermont EMG program. We look forward to working with you!

Beret Halverson, State Coordinator
Vermont EMG Program

Last modified February 14 2017 12:29 PM