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Scholarships Opportunities

Partial scholarship funds are available to Vermont residents only to those in need thanks to a generous donation from Gardeners Supply Company

Here are a few questions we would like you to provide answers to:

1. How much can you contribute up front towards the $425 course fee?

2. Can you meet all of the course requirements? (i.e. are you free on the dates when you are required to attend live sessions online and can you complete all the assignments etc.? Please write a paragraph explaining your understanding of the Master Gardener course requirements. Before responding be sure to review the program webpage.

3. Our program provides partial funding only to students that are interested in pursuing Master Gardener Certification (Track 1) and volunteering within their communities. Please tell us, how would you share what you learn within your local community? Please provide as many of the details as possible including the project name, the contact person(s), partner organization (s), what you will teach and how, the timeline of your project including the dates, etc. of the project. (Please review the volunteer project lists on our website and write a paragraph that includes details about the Master Gardener volunteer project you will work on, or what project you will start yourself and how you will do it. Please take the time to figure out these details in advance. Contact the project leaders, and find something that is a good fit for you. Take the time to find out more and look at your schedule before you answer this question. You can also reach out to one of our member support specialists for help – Kitty Werner (Central/Northern Region) – or Cindy Heath (Southern Region) –

4. We require that all partial scholarship recipients provide us with a 1 page report and 2 photos of your volunteer project by January 31st, 2019. These articles will be featured in the spring addition of our statewide newsletter. Are you able to fulfill this request without a reminder? Please explain how you will fulfill this request.

Please provide this information to prior to the course registration deadline.

AmeriCorps - - Please contact the National Service Hotline at: 1-800-942-2677 or via webform at: Students use their AmeriCorps education stipend funds to cover the course fee.

    • The student logs into their AmeriCorps account to fill out the form. They select UVM as the Institution, and select Non-Credit Course, and include the Start and End Date.
    • The student contacts to receive a registration form to register for the course, and to ask for UVM to go in and verify their enrollment.
    • Once the students enrollment has been verified by UVM, they will receive a voucher from AmeriCorps indicating they will cover the course fee.
    • The student provides a copy of the "paper voucher" to to get the student registered for the Master Gardener Course


Vermont Student Assistance Corp. (VSAC) offers Non-Degree Grants, based on financial status. To apply, you must first create a MyVSAC username and password, or call 1-800-642-3177 for an application or questions (be sure to select UVM Vermont Master Gardener Program as the Agency Name). Once the student receives verification they have been awarded a grant, the student must contact the master gardener state office to complete their registration - 802-656-9562.


The Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Vermont Department of Labor provides funds to any Vermonter dealing with a disability that affects employment. Visit this website for more information.


Addison County Residents Only - The Middlebury Garden Club is offering one full scholarship to Addison County residents. Visit this link for the application.


Comments from previous recipients

Receiving the scholarship and taking the EMG course allowed me to begin learning and building a passion for gardening at a younger age, and made it less daunting in a new place. The scholarship allowed me an opportunity for continued learning that I would have delayed otherwise, while also allowing me the opportunity to participate in the educational aspect of the EMG course, and this was a very key priority for me.

The scholarship was a stepping stone to many things for me: lifelong learning, cultivating a knowledge of gardening in Vermont, fostering an appreciation for growing food, and most of all, the opportunities to share this with others in our state's communities.

- Jessica, 2012 recipient

As a recipient of a EMG scholarship, it provided me with the support to complete the course and gave me the knowledge and confidence to give back to the community. It has made a great impact on my life. I have met so many master gardeners and learned so much from them. It has been a very positive experience for me.

Since completing the course I have volunteered over 1,000 hours! I would have taken the course without the scholarship, but the local chapter recognized that I wanted to give back to the program and the community.

- Patti, 2012 recipient

I most appreciated the sense of pride that I held during the entire experience. The scholarship really motivated me to keep learning, consult the resources provided and to be an active student in class. Because of the scholarship, I became involved more than I would have without it, and therefore became a better EMG. Being a scholarship recipient made me want to learn everything I possibly could in order to represent the program positively. Being new to the area, the EMG course allowed me to forage relationships with those of similar interests and connect with them through common activities.

- Elly, 2012 recipient

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