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Pottery and Clay Sculpture


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The Pottery and Clay Sculpture Program aims to cultivate a working knowledge of clay techniques based on a study of historic and contemporary ceramics. The program will enroll students who have prior clay experience or students who show a strong motivation and interest in learning. As part of their program commitment, students will enroll in a non‑credit, year‑long class and purchase a student membership at the Pottery Co-op (currently $150 per year). The program will also expect a commitment from the members to take personal initiative in developing their skills and gathering knowledge as it concerns the art of ceramics.


The members will utilize the facilities of the Living/Learning Center Pottery Co‑op. A weekly class, using the text Hands in Clay by Charlotte Speight, will combine clay handling techniques with readings in ceramic history, clay technology and contemporary art. Visiting speakers will supplement readings through lectures in art history, geology, and anthropology.


Once members become more experienced, they will give instructional help to other members of the Pottery Co‑op. Members will communicate their work to the general UVM population through displays in the lobby showcase and a spring Gallery exhibit. Presentations of films, videos and speakers will be open to the public.


The study of clay encompasses many fields. Participation in the program makes it possible for the student to pursue and deepen an initial interest in clay. Direct handling of the clay reinforces the many areas studied including (but not limited to) art, history, other cultures, chemistry and geology. A strong pottery program enhances the work of the entire Living/Learning Center Pottery Co‑op.


Learning Objectives


Students will gain an understanding of the breadth of the uses of clay throughout history and across cultures.




A) There will be regularly assigned readings in Hands in Clay with class discussion and written responses in a journal.


B)Members will utilize the many books and magazines available in the Pottery Studio library.


C) There will be an in‑suite library of Ceramics Monthly and American Ceramics.


D) Members will study slides that pertain to areas of study. Slide lectures will be given once a month.


E)A slide quiz will be given at the end of the first semester to test recognition of major artists and cultures.


F)Guest lecturers in related fields, i.e. art history, Geology, clay technology will be invited to speak. These lectures will be open to the public. (Second Semester).


Each member will show improvement in performance skills in whatever aspect of ceramics they choose to concentrate in (throwing, hand building, sculpting etc.)





A) Each member will attend a two hour weekly class instructed by Joan Watson. Class will be structured around the various levels of experience of the program members. The first semester of instruction will concentrate on basic skills through following a coordinated class syllabus.


B)Each member will work independently in the studio at least two hours a week outside of class.


Each member will participate in at least one activity related to the UVM and/or Burlington community.




A) Raku Firing ‑ A demonstration on the Japanese firing technique of Raku will be presented. (October and April).


B)The lobby display case will be used to display student work.


C) L/L C Gallery Exhibit ‑ providing the exhibit proposal is accepted, a spring exhibit will be presented.


D) Empty Bowl Project ‑ Members will raise money and donate to a local hunger project and serving a simple dinner.


The program will work with at least one other program in the Living/Learning Center to broaden our involvement with the L/LC community.




A) An Empty Bowl dinner will be given in coordination with any program that has a health orientation.


B)If there is a program that deals with Education, program members will coordinate visits to tour the L/L center pottery studio or direct visits to the schools.


C) Members will offer suggestions for other projects which could include other programs.



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Required Course Information


Fall Semester:



Non-credit weekly class.

Day/Time TBA


Spring Semester:



Non-credit weekly class.

Day/Time TBA