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Japanese House



            This Japanese culture and language residential learning program is designed for students eager to study Japanese culture and/or language in mutual teaching and learning activities.  Its major goal is to explore Japanese culture through shared activities.  Use of the Japanese language in suites and during program activities will be encouraged but not required.  The residential component of the Japanese House is open to all UVM students who are currently studying or who have studied Japanese culture and/or language and also to students who have native or near-native fluency in Japanese and are willing to share their knowledge and skills.  The extra-residential components of the Japanese House encourages participation by all members of the UVM community and of the local Vermont community who wish to share their interest in Japan, especially including visiting and resident Japanese nationals. Basic to this program are the convictions that the best way to learn is to teach others and that experience is essential to the learning process.  Program activities are guided by participant interests and are made as enjoyable for all as possible. 

            Japanese House Program residents are encouraged to take Japanese language courses at the relevant level or to participate during the conversation session of the advanced Japanese conversation/communication courses. 




            This Program is designed to meet several educational needs of students studying Japanese language and/or culture. It addresses the needs of these students for:


(a) Opportunities for active, personal engagement with aspects of Japanese culture such as Japanese arts and crafts, Japanese cuisine and cooking, Japanese films and literature, etc.


(b) Using Japanese language in extra classroom settings and with native speakers other than their instructors


(c) Learning by sharing their knowledge of Japan with other interested persons, both fellow students and community members




Learning Objective I: Enhanced Knowledge of Japanese Culture




Action Steps





Learning Objective II: Enhanced Japanese Language Fluency






(a) All program activities will encourage participation by all those with knowledge or interest in Japan from both UVM and local communities.  It will make a special effort to make welcome both international and resident Japanese speaking students.


(b) Program members will participate in Winterfest, the International Women’s Day event, and other multicultural campus events and present Japanese culture to the UVM and outside communities.    
















Recommended Courses:


Fall                   Japanese 001, 051, 101, 121, 201, 221

Spring            Japanese 002, 052, 102, 122, 202, 222



1st week         

Program meeting--sharing residential space issues,                 problems, ground rules and solutions; scheduling                     cultural presentations and activities


2nd-12th week            

Workshops on calligraphy; 

            Workshops on flower arranging;

            Lectures on Japanese literature, arts, music, etc.;

            Video viewings;

            Student presentations on Japanese culture


13th week       

End-of-semester party;

            Participation in Winterfest

14th week       

Program meeting--evaluation of the fall activities and planning for the spring semester



1st week         

Program meeting--discussing recruiting plans for the Japanese House 2004-2005 and scheduling presentations and activities


2nd-13th week

            Presentations by students;

Discussions with members of the UVM and the local communities who share interests and experiences in Japan;

            Workshops on various aspects of Japanese culture;

Video and film viewings

14th week       

Program meeting--evaluation of the spring activities and planning for next year