Living/Learning Center Programs

The University of Vermont



Future Health Care Professionals




The purpose of creating a Living and Learning residential program for future health care professionals is to help encourage, support and prepare students pursuing academic programs that will lead them to a variety of careers within the health care arena. The program will be open to students who are enrolled in one of the UVM majors and/or minors related to health care or are interested in learning more about those areas of study.




  • To broaden awareness of the many health care professional opportunities;
  • to learn about and understand some of the pressing issues facing health care today;
  • to explore and learn more about the wide spectrum of health care fields ;
  • to help educate middle and high school students of the many academic and professional health career opportunities;
  • to provide a supportive network for students currently enrolled in health care programs.





In general, the field of health care provides an expansive number of professional options for students to consider.While many students who are interested in a health career are vaguely aware of issues associated with direct patient care, there are a number of other issues related to health care provision that will be addressed as part of the program.Monthly topics of discussion will be lead by health care professionals to address issues such as: health care policy; health care ethics; and heath care education.Additionally, students will have the opportunity to learn about one anotherís areas of study through site visits.For example, Radiation Therapy students will arrange for the group to visit the FAHC Radiation Therapy Center to observe ďa-day-in-the-life of a Radiation Therapist; Medical Laboratory Science students will tour the students through the FAHC chemistry and hematology laboratory.Finally, students will be encouraged to explore topics and issues of health care and health care provision that of specific concern to them.




The program will also incorporate a component of community outreach to middle and high school students.UVM students will represent the various UVM academic health care options at high school career fairs, information panels, meet with individual prospective students; attend University Open House programs and be invited to apply for summer intern positions with MedQuest, the summer residential camp for Vermont high school students