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From Mountain to Lake:

The Geology of Vermont


(Note: This is a residential TAP program and is open only to incoming students in the College of Arts and Sciences.)



Geology 005A                              From Mountain to Lake:

Computer Number 90682                    The Geology of Vermont


This class, offered through the Living Learning Center, consists of two courses, GEOL 005 in the fall semester for 4 credits (applicable as a laboratory science), and GEOL 096 in the spring semester for 1 credit. In the fall semester, students learn the basic concepts of geology and the principles of plate tectonics as a unifying theory, including demonstrations of how integrating once compartmentalized sub-disciplines can bring new understanding. We use the Lake Champlain Basin as a focal point and natural laboratory.  Field activities comprise a major component of the program; lectures introduce scientific principles and information relevant to the fieldwork and discuss scientific methodology.  Grades are based upon papers and presentations. The spring semester course is a seminar-type program for 1 credit.  Note: This is a residential course.


Requirements satisfied:  Laboratory Science

Meets:  Tuesday-Thursday 12:30-1:45 pm, Tuesday lab 1:45-5:00


Asst. Professor Tracy Rushmer            

Contact 802-656-8136




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Representatives of the Living/Learning Center will be present during Admitted Student Visit Days in April and during New Student Orientation in June. However, if you know that you are interested in living in the Living/Learning Center and wish to enroll in this class, we encourage you to apply now.


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