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Documentary Filmmaking


(Note: This is a residential TAP program and is open only to incoming students in the College of Arts and Sciences.)



Film 095                               Documentary Filmmaking 

Computer Number 92515


This course investigates common narrative structures in documentary filmmaking through weaving the study of its history and theory with our own creative ventures in order to better understand the documentary film. We consider such questions as: what kinds of stories are told over and over in the history of documentary filmmaking? What does this reveal about our culture? What are the implications (politically, culturally, and formally) when a filmmaker uses “reality” to create a narrative?  We watch at least one feature documentary film each week, including autobiographical films/videos, which demonstrate what documentary films can reveal about our own self-narratives.  Students also explore these ideas in their own documentaries (through small assignments throughout the course and one larger project due at the end of the course).  Prior production experience is helpful, but not necessary, as the class covers all the basics of video production. Note: This is a residential course.


Requirements satisfied: Fine Arts

Meets: Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:45;

 Required Screening Thursday 3:30-6:00 


Professor: Hilary Neroni          

Contact: 802-656-1356



How to Apply:


Representatives of the Living/Learning Center will be present during Admitted Student Visit Days in April and during New Student Orientation in June. However, if you know that you are interested in living in the Living/Learning Center and wish to enroll in this class, we encourage you to apply now.


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