633 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont


  • Note that LEFT TURNS from Main Street (westbound) onto University Heights are PROHIBITED.
  • If you are approaching L/L from the east, use the "jughandle" and Spear Street to access the Living/Learning Center.
  • If you are approaching L/L from the west (downtown Burlington), turn right onto University Heights; L/L is on the left.
  • All traffic EXITING from L/L must exit onto Main Street via University Heights.
Visitor Parking Info

The closest available visitor parking is located at the "Pay-by-Space" visitor lot near the Jeffords Building, directly across Main Street from the Living/Learning Center. The visitor parking lot can be accessed from Main Street/Williston Road (via Beaumont Drive) or from East Avenue (via Carrigan Drive).
Map showing Visitor Parking Lot and Living/Learning


Light deliveries can be made at the L/L Main Desk or Director's Office at the Main Entrance/Director's Circle, which is accessible from Main Street (eastbound via University Heights) or from Spear Street if approaching from the west. Large deliveries should be made at the loading dock on the south side of D-Building.

Campus Parking Maps

(PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Living/Learning Center Visitor Parking Directions

FROM INTERSTATE 89, Northbound or Southbound

 FROM U.S. ROUTE 7, Northbound

Living/Learning Center Delivery Directions

FROM INTERSTATE 89, Northbound or Southbound
         FROM U.S. ROUTE 7, Northbound