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Integrated Social Sciences Program


(Note: This is a residential TAP program and is open only to incoming students in the College of Arts and Sciences.)



Integrated Social Sciences Program

Social Problems and Social Change


The Integrated Social Sciences Program (ISSP) examines important social problems that shape students’ lives from the perspective of various social sciences.  Students take five semester-long courses (15 credits) and an optional thesis.  Admission is by application.  For further information, see the ISSP brochure or contact Professor Ross Thomson, the ISSP Director, at 802-656-0182 or via E-mail:  All ISSP students take the following five courses:



Anthropology 095A                 Culture and Global

Computer Number 90127                      Environmental Problems



Environmental degradation is currently one of the most pressing problems facing humanity.  This course examines the socio-cultural causes and consequences of environmental degradation around the world, as well as the efforts to solve these problems.  We analyze the increasing globalization of human/nature interactions and environmental degradation, and consider how solutions to environmental problems have dealt (or not dealt) with culturally distinct definitions of nature and social change.


Requirements satisfied:  Non-European Cultures and one Social Sciences course

Meets:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:15-12:05

Professor Luis Vivanco Contact: 802-656-1184 





ECONOMICS 060                            Capitalism and

Computer Number 90342                    Human Welfare 



Economic growth and innovation shape our world and our standard of living.  This course examines theories of economic growth, the historical experience of growth and innovation that let the U.S. surge ahead of its competitors, the relative decline of the U.S. since 1950, and the more recent slowdown of growth.


Requirements satisfied:  One Social Sciences course

Meets:  Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-10:45

Professor Ross Thomson          Contact:  802-656-0182





Sociology 032A                           Social Inequality

Computer Number 91023



This course is an introduction to structured class inequality in the U.S. and its causes and consequences.  We focus on wealth, prestige and power.  Inequalities of age, gender, and ethnicity are also examined.


Requirements satisfied:  One Social Sciences course

Meets:  Tuesday, Thursday 2:00-3:15

Professor Moustapha Diouf      Contact:  802-656-2141





Spring 2005



Economics 153                African Americans

Computer Number                   in the U.S. Economy



This course emphasizes economic inequality between African Americans and white Americans.  It looks first at the historical development of racial economic inequality in the U.S., then interrogates theories of racial discrimination.  Finally, the course examines the controversy over Affirmative Action.


Requirements satisfied:  Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. and one Social Sciences course

Meets:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:05-9:55

Professor Elaine McCrate         Contact:  802-656-0192




Geography 095                Geography of Gender

Computer Number



Geography and the construction of gender are interrelated processes.  This course explores the myriad ways in which space, place, and environment are “gendered.” The emphasis is mostly on the built environment, extending from the home to the city and the nation state.  We also examine how space, place and environment have been used as resistant strategies to create alternative models of gender relationships.


Requirements satisfied:  One Social Sciences course

Meets:  Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-12:15

Professor Glen Elder     Contact: 802-656-2087




ISSP Thesis (optional)


Requirements satisfied:  One Social Sciences course

Meets:  to be arranged

Various ISSP Professors 





How to Apply:


Representatives of the Living/Learning Center will be present during Admitted Student Visit Days in April and during New Student Orientation in June. However, if you know that you are interested in living in the Living/Learning Center and wish to enroll in this class, we encourage you to apply now.


            Apply on-line:







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