Learning Cooperative Subject-Area Tutor Job Description

Job Description: Subject-area tutors provide individual and group tutoring by appointment to UVM undergraduates enrolled in specific course(s). Tutoring occurs in the Learning Co-op through regularly scheduled hours (Co-op based tutoring) or by individual appointments set up by the tutor and student (campus-wide tutors).

Qualifications: Open to qualified second-year students through seniors. Submit application and resume; meet with Patience Whitworth Learning Co-op Program Manager; supply written faculty recommendation for each course tutor wishes to tutor; attend orientation session.

Time Commitment: Campus-wide tutors set their own schedules by deciding how many tutees to accept and when they meet the tutees. Co-op based tutors work a set schedule of their choice in the Learning Co-op.

Compensation: $9.00 per hour ($9.75 if work-study) to start; increasing to $9.25 per hour ($11.00 if work-study) after achieving 10 hours of training and 25 hours of tutoring. Tutors in their 2nd year earn $9.50 per hour ($12.00 if work study).

Courses for which there is a high demand for tutors.

Recruitment Period: On-going, with major hiring efforts at the start and toward the end of each semester.

Contact Person: Keith M. Williams, Learning Co-op Program Manager, 656-7964, 

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