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WC Online Instructions




1.      Go to  Create a bookmarked link.


2.      First time scheduling?  Click the “Click here to register” link below the log-in boxes.  After creating the account you will be returned to the log-in screen.


3.      Log in.  Click on “Go to the online scheduler.”  The on-line scheduling window will appear.


4.      Choose appropriate program (Learning Skills, Writing) or subject-area course area from drop down list which is entitled: Change to a different schedule. 


a.  If the appointment is for the Writing Center, check two schedules to identify open appointments:  Writing: Co-op and Writing: Library. 


b.      If the appointment is for Subject-Area Tutoring, go to to see what specific courses are tutored by which tutors. 


5.  Scroll through the schedule to find a day/time.  Red blocks are unavailable.  To change weeks, scroll to the bottom of the screen and use the various calendar control commands.  All appointments must begin and end on the hour. 


6.      Click on the white block associated with the tutor appointment day & time requested.  A “new reservation” pop-up window will appear. 


7.  Read the “notes” box to be sure that this tutor can tutor the needed course.  


8.  Read the “starting and ending times” box to ensure that this appointment is on the right day and time. 


9.       Fill in the Student name; and Student Email in the “Appointment Details” box.  Be certain you have the correct spelling of both! 


10.  Type this information IN THIS ORDER into the “What do you want to work on during your visit box: 

1.        for the Writing Center or Subject-Area tutoring:  course name/number (e.g., HST 11, MATH 21)

2.        for Learning Skills: specific skill (i.e. time management, note taking, etc)

3.        the student’s phone number, with area code

4.        for students who wish to meet at the same time every week, choose one week under the “repeat every” pull down menu.  Then choose the day of the week.  Then click on the box with 3 dots in it under “Repeat until date:” to select the ending date.  Be sure to choose the day AFTER the desired ending date. 


    1. for the Writing Center or Learning Skills tutoring:  regular weekly appointments are possible for all students
    2. for Subject-Area tutoring:  regular weekly appointments (sometimes called permanent appointments) are only available for TRIO students who have already met at least once with the tutor.  The limit is one appointment per student, per course, per week. 


11.   Click Save


12.              What to tell the Student after scheduling an appointment:

  1. S/he will receive an emailed reminder 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Do not reply to the reminder e-mail.  The reply will NOT reach the Co-op. 
  2. To cancel, s/he must call (802-656-4075) or stop by the Learning Co-op at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment, or s/he may be charged for the appointment. 


13.              To cancel a subject-area lab tutoring appointment

A.  Log on as usual. 

B.   Find the appointment under the appropriate subject, tutor, day, & time.  The appointment block should show some information about the appointment. 

C.  Click on the appointment block, and a Modify Reservation pop-up screen will appear.  Check it to be certain that it is the correct appointment. 

D.     If the appointment is being canceled at least 24 hours in advance, check the Delete? box, and then click Modify. 

E.      If the appointment is for Subject-Area Tutoring and is being canceled less than 24 hours in advance, tell that student that s/he may be charged for this appointment.  If the student still wishes to cancel

1.   write down this information: 

a.   tutor’s name

b.   student’s name & e-mail address

c.   course name & number

d.   appointment day, date, & time

2.   Give the note to the tutor, or pass it to the front desk worker who will be on shift when the tutor arrives, or put it in the tutor’s mailbox. 

3.   Check the Delete? box, and then click “Modify.” 

NOTE:  the above process for recording a no-show or sudden cancellation may change as the Hidden No-Show feature of WC Online is implemented. 

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