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Subject Area Tutoring: Tutor Responsibilities

Tutor Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a professional working relationship with students at all times. Avoid conflicts of interest (e.g., tutoring someone with whom you have a personal relationship)
  2. Ensure the confidentiality of students at all times. Should you need to discuss a specific student with a Learning Cooperative professional staff member, do so discreetly.
  3. Commit to attending at least some of the in-service training opportunities offered throughout the semester.  Notify the Tutor Program Manager of your intention to attend.  
  4. Return all messages (phone, e-mail, AIM) from students and from the Tutor Program Manager as promptly as possible.
  5. Set up appointments with students at times and places that are convenient for the student and for you.
  6. Notify students at least twenty-four hours in advance, if an appointment must be rescheduled.  Contact other tutors to provide a substitute, if necessary.   
  7. Communicate clearly and honestly with students when describing their preparedness, effort, and needed activities to meet the academic requirements of their course.  
  8. Seek advice or suggestions from the Tutor Program Manager, if needed, in order to better help a student.
  9. Accurately describe your own academic competence when deciding what courses to tutor. 
  10. Keep accurate and complete records of all tutoring activities, and closely adhere to deadlines for submitting lognotes & timesheets.
For more information on UVM's academic integrity policies, see the Code of Academic Integrity    

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