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ࡱ> <{(  v  L>> 00DTimes New RomanppGF0DArialNew RomanppGF0 DWingdingsRomanppGF00DTahomagsRomanppGF0" C0.  @n?" dd@  @@`` }-         !"#$'()*,./129;<= NO^abcdg jklmnos AA1?Pf@8h mS ʚ;lZ{8ʚ;g42d2d<0GF0Jppp@ g4&d&d1GF0Np@ pp<4!d!d<@0pxG<4dddd<@0pxG<4BdBd<@0pxGp&v0___PPT10 ZZ6___PPT9{?F+ 2Academic Support ProgramsO =|i@Learning Cooperative's Subject-Area Tutoring Orientation SessionPlease: sit in first 2 rows fill out the attendance form that s going around.XZX  IntroductionsChosen Name (nickname?) Year in School, and at UVM Major(s)/Minor(s) Subject(s)/Course(s) you Plan to Tutor How You Heard About The Tutoring Program One Interesting Fact About Yourself. Where is the Program Based?[The Learning Cooperative, 244 L/L Commons (across hall from Art Gallery) Mission of the Learning Co-op: We are a community of staff and students who serve UVM by promoting student learning and success through a range of high quality, peer-to-peer academic services. The UVM Learning cooperative is a place where students helps students learn. L\IiXWhat Does the Co-op Offer?HOT DVD Q: What Are The Four Programs of the Learning Cooperative? A: Writing Center Learning Skills Supplemental Instruction (SI) Subject-Area Tutoring. R  Tutoring Program DescriptionPeer tutoring  students (for at least one semester) tutoring other students Most tutors are undergraduates Paid By appointment (except for new drop-in BSAD and CHEM tutoring  yet to be set up) On campus Primarily entry-level, lower-division, large-enrollment courses. Tutors Are Needed For:CHEM 23/25, 26/28, 31, 32, 42/44, 141-144 CS 2, 8, 14, 19, 21, 101 PHYS 11, 12, 31, 42, 96 ASTR 5 EC 11, 12, 170, 171, 172 PHIL 1, 13 ANPS 19/95, 20/96; ASCI 141 NFS 43, 53, 143 BCOR 11 & 12, 101, 102, 103 MMG 65 BIO 1 & 2, 3/96, 4, 6 PBIO 4, 6, 201 NURS 120; PRNU any BIOC 301 POLS 21, 41, 51, 71 ENSC 1, 2 HDFS 1, 5, 60 ENVS 1, 2 BSAD 40, 60, 61, 65, 120, 180, 191 CE 1; ME 40 STAT 51, 111, 141, 143, 151, 153, 195 MLRS any PSYC 1, 104, 109, 110, 121, 130, 152, 161 SOC 1, 43, 100 Foreign Language through 52 in Chinese, German, Italian, ASL Music (those recommended by Prof. Sylvia Parker) MATH 17, Calc through 20 or 22, 52, 54, 95, 121, 124.P$          $ ZdSTypes of TutorsbCW=default; can serve multiple roles; express your desires Dave decides on lab and drop-in tutors.$;(cHow a Student Gets a Tutor IComes to Learning Co-op Goes through Intake  services explained by a Learning Skills Tutor (student) Student signs paperwork agreeing to rules Tutoring is free if all appointments are attended Will be charged $10/hr for No-Shows and Sudden Cancellations (<24 hours notice) Must arrive at tutoring session prepared Tutors don t substitute for missing class.`%eMhHow a Student Gets a Tutor IIStudent is assigned an appointment with a lab tutor, or Student is given contact information for a few campus-wide tutors and contacts them directly Name, phone, e-mail, AIM of up to three tutors is given out, if possible Rotate giving out campus-wide tutor referrals  Tutoring Appointment Request in e-mail subject line Student is referred to other helpful services. Drop-In Tutoring and/or Dept help sessions Other ASP services (e.g., ACCESS) Campus services (e.g. Cntr for Health & Wellbeing).\PP/PP/ Show Me The MoneyTutoring Costs to Students nothing, nada, niente, nichts, rien, it s FREE! BUT, $10/hr charge for late cancel or no-show Tutors Earn $9.00 per hour to start, without Work Study $9.75 per hour to start, with Work Study Raises after reaching certification.L_ z_ z>*! CertificationAchieved when a tutor has reached: 10 hours of training, total 25 hours of tutoring, total What Good Is It? Certificate Rsum boost Letter of Recommendation Pay raise To $9.50 per hour without Work Study (2nd yr: $10/hr) To $11.00 per hour with Work-Study (2nd yr: $12/hr).#8=n#8  " "+' 4 " Training IOrientation Session - required Sexual Harassment Training, on-line at: - required. Sent me the certificate. Tutor Training Videotapes - group &/or individual viewing Guest Speakers Campus Events One-Credit Course  Fall 2008 Semester Provides enough training to satisfy certification requirement Tutor Academy: Sat 9/27/08 at VTC in Randolph Tutor training conference with high school and college tutors. v(Z?Z/Z@ZZ(?/@6c0HeTTutor Training CourseEDSS 55 Special Topics  Learning Co-op Subj-Area Tudrs 93280 Lec D; 1 credit; 25 student limit Instructor permission required Location & meeting day/time is TBA Course begins ~ the week of 9/15, runs 6 wks Meets once/week for 2 hrs 5 min/meeting If you wish to enroll, tell me ASAP give me days & time slots that work for you. ^ZZ$Z.Z.>'fUTutor Academy IITutor training conference - VSAC / VTC / UVM / JSC collaboration High-school & college tutors & administrators Three concurrent sessions, 5 choices per session Sat., 9/27/08, 9:15 am to 4 pm Langevin House at VTC in Randolph, VT (~65 miles) To attend, tutors must have completed all hiring requirements 24 hours BEFORE the event.JZJgVTutor Academy IILimit: ~15 tutors. Preference given to those who: didn t attend last year have work-study can transport others No transportation provided Riding with tutors who have vehicles worked last year Tutors receive: Completion certificate 6 hours of paid training credit Free lunch If you drive yourself & others, extra pay may be granted.3Z?ZZ7ZZ}Z3?7}  hWTutor Academy IIIVisit to see complete info on the Tutor Academy E-mail me: If you will attend If you will drive How many others you can transport On-line Registration Deadline: 11:59 pm Friday, 9/12/08.6UG9UG9c0$ Training IIRTutoring Web site ( lists training schedule For Certification, individual training d" 4 hrs Training is paid once you are hired.TS/%{ ' c09# QuestionsQ: Do I have to receive training before I begin tutoring? A: Technically, no, but I will give you some training after this session today. Q: What if I can t make it to the scheduled trainings? A: Individual viewing of videotapes is available. You are expected to receive at least 3 hours of training each semester. .HZG%8Program Stats for AY  07- 08h402 students received tutoring in 96 courses totaling 2165 hours 5.1 hours of tutoring per student = average Median hrs tutoring per tutor=15, avg = 25 Tutoring by percent of total hours Science = 55%; Math/Stat = 23% Foreign Lang=8%; Business & Economics = 3%+ Students hear of tutoring from TRIO and/or ACCESS=29% Instructor and/or Advisor=20% Friend=11%.\ZMZZAZMA Becoming A Tutor The Packet I(My card. I m on Facebook  friend me! Bookmark  handy to give to students Tutoring Flyer  hang it someplace legal Application  fill out front & sign back If work-study: Federal Work Study Authorization Form 08-09, available from Career Services.8Mp9M( The Packet IIIf NOT work-study and never had a campus job: I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Must produce original documents Must be done in person with me (later today is OK) W-4 Withholding Allowance NOTE: use permanent address on federal forms Everyone, except if work-study Temporary Employee Payroll Form Paycheck mailing address Learning Cooperative, L/L Commons, Room 244, or Another on-campus job location..(SM P.(SM  8 )Faculty Recommendation Form I (Prof comfortable recommending you You comfortable tutoring the course(s) List each course number separately Signature and rating by: a faculty member from that department, or one who is familiar with the curriculum grad student who taught you.&oo+ Faculty Recommendation Form II(nFavor lower-division, entry-level, large- enrollment courses Should have earned at least a strong B Think in terms of the beginning of course sequences. High course prof usually can sign-off on all prerequisite courses We rarely offer tutoring in 200-level courses and above, but list them if you d like.8Z8* QuestionshQ: What if I didn t take the course(s) here? Q: What if I tested out of the course(s)? Q: What if I am a native speaker? Q: What if my professor isn t around UVM anymore? A: Go to department teaching the course(s) Show your transcript, syllabus, etc. produce a test score speak to a professor.5Z5Z Before Actual Tutoring IWhen you are contacted for campus-wide tutoring, obtain this information: Assurance student has been to the Co-op this AY If not, don t make an appointment until student does this! Correct spelling of student s complete name Student s e-mail address and phone number Course number Precise location, day, date, time & length of tutoring session Establish wait time (suggest 10 minutes) The topic of the session Use Helpful Reminders form - in packet & on website:;PP`PJ0;`  "!+c0/$Before Actual Tutoring IIWhen you meet the student for tutoring, obtain: Student s identification number (95. . . .) Course instructor s name Name of anyone on campus who, at the student s request, should be notified that tutoring occurred (e.g., instructor, coach, counselor).&00 After Tutoring I&Be sure you have all the needed info from the student! (if using the form, shred when done) Be sure the student can spell your name! AT THE END OF THE SESSION, offer each student an evaluation on-line (, or Paper version  blue sheet & envelope Student seals it in the envelope, writes across seal You return it to the Co-op put it in the evaluations box at front desk.hTP-T5-  c0."After Tutoring II)IMMEDIATELY AFTER you finish a tutoring session: Submit lognotes on-line ( EVERY tutoring-related event is documented with a lognote submitted on-line: Actual tutoring No-shows Sudden cancellations Training Speaking engagements Couch potato time (lab tutors only).h1Z;ZMZqZ1;Hqc0Ji3(After Tutoring III@Submit tutoring time on-line PeopleSoft: PeopleSoft Instructions are also on web site  Submit hours, don t just  Save for Later. RU-Sc0+D0% Getting Paid 2Every 2-weeks, your lognotes and your reported time should match and be submitted on line. Deadlines are noon every other Monday. Schedule is on the website at: If so, you get paid the following Friday. If not, you don t Paychecks issued by noon. Pick them up in your tutor  mailbox in the Co-op, or Direct Deposit available; submit form to Payroll in Waterman. B[PpPP[pc02' Questions IQ: What are the three things you need to do after every tutoring event? A: offer the student an EVALUATION (on-line or paper) submit a LOGNOTE on-line submit HOURS on-line via PeopleSoft Q: Does a student have to fill out an evaluation after every tutoring session? A: Tutors should offer it after every session. It s the student s choice whether or not to complete it.DxP&R;/ Questions IIHQ: What do I do if a student calls me shortly before an appointment and says s/he can t make it? A: Thank them for the notice. Remind them that they will be charged for a late cancellation. Q: What if I have to cancel suddenly? A: You are responsible for reaching the student and rescheduling at their convenience or for getting your own substitute (call the Co-op for info on other tutors) Q: What if the student wants to go past our agreed upon ending time? A: OK, as long as tutor and student agree. Tutor will be paid for longer time. D%Z><0 Questions III Q: What if I didn t get enough information from the student to fill out the on-line lognote? A: It s your responsibility to contact the student and get the needed information Sometimes Dave can help Use the Helpful Reminders form (from the website) to stay organized You can t get paid for an appointment without submitting a lognote for it!.dZhcR Questions IVQ: Can I tutor privately and charge whatever I d like? A: You may NOT privately tutor for pay someone you are tutoring through the Co-op or who connected with you through the Co-op. You may NOT tutor privately on state property. HOWEVER, if you find someone who is willing to pay you privately for tutoring them, that s OK, so long as the tutoring occurs off-campus.xx9. Questions V Q: All this detail is hard to remember. Where can I go to remind myself of all this? A: The Subject-Area Tutoring Web Site contains: the Subject-Area Tutoring Handbook (READ IT!), this PowerPoint A: Ask Dave, but please try to look it up first! B/E/E4c0MATake a SHORT BreakRestrooms down the hall around the corner If you have I-9 documents, we can take care of that form now Ask me questions, if you have them Fun, helpful training is next Eat more banana bread PLEASE BE BACK IN 8 MINUTES!! &Z ( NBTutor Training Activities Phobias Around Tutoring The Four Skills of Tutoring Questioning in Tutoring Bloom s Taxonomy Role Play Tutoring Boxes Activity Ropes Activity. /p]^_`P@\\.\DISPLAY1? 0` 3L:̪3fܗ` =XL=xt=x̙` 3fL3[[E)̙` ff` 3F433` f3ϫ̙` ff̙f` @K=3NLGwt` geff>?" dd@,?" dd@   " @ `"  n?" dd@   @@``PT    @ ` `6p>> \h(  \Z  \# "2 \  BCDEF"d@ @`s"*    \ c BCDEF"v @ @`" * \  BtCDEF"d@ tttt@`s"*  i` Z P \# "P \ c B CDEF @))<  _ wv J c /JVJBeW<_JW R"R"F(.6 JJJQ^tkK-,&k < < TX@`"x\  P \ " P  \ BCDE<FF|urBAwK-Id<|u $@`"lP  \ BCaDE@FJ$6B*r0a6T~~xZB<$$"$@`"u / [  \ BzCDE,F6  (<y6"zL^Z6@`" 5P D  \ BCBDE4F> rN<`*B~rr @`",d  \ B*CHDE4F> $  $**0 H$$ @`"  d \ c TBCDEF @88 1$s[6C6&fH~fM~ vpjd^ L@. $*<HW090HH<< HC<=<1HNZxNrt@`"Z  \# "^ \ BmCDEdFn<BlU1mg~Or+ZH6$k_H B 6*48@`"F \ BCDEXFb`$ <hZg gnm\=.0@`"F \ BGC<DEXFb 5;A*G6G<;6/*$* 000$.0@`"&m,& \ BCDEHFR0Hr `6`<fHlTx`r`f6&(@`"W \ B;C<DE4F> ;))$/*565</6#0$;; @`"Kf \ (BCDEhFr$*TM/TYB;$  /MSYe } $$68@`"  \ 6  " ``<$0  T Click to edit Master title style! !P \ 0  " `<$0  RClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level!     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P+D=' = @B + 0 0(  r  S R\ ``     S '\' C   +LAB & DROP-IN Tutor in Learning Co-op or in established location Fixed weekly schedule Appts made for them Paid for hours worked High-demand course(s) Work-Study preferred",W1]  S \p `H   CAMPUS WIDE (CW) Tutor anywhere on campus Variable schedule Make own appointments Paid only when tutoring Any course(s) Work-Study or not. ,{p  S 4\ 'g  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.S0e+D=' = @B + 0 *(  r  S `@\ ``   x  c $@\F"   H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S 4B\ ``   r  S  C\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.@,b4+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S b\ ``   r  S c\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.h+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S hA\ ``  G r  S \P   H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S w\ ``   r  S t\  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S g\ ``   r  S t\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.ZR+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S p\ ``   r  S 4\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.Z nW+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S \ ``   r  S \c'gs  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i. ,(+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S \ ``   r  S l\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.+D=' = @B +} 0 0$(  r  S \ ``   r  S (\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.0+D=' = @B +} 0  $(  r  S \ ``   r  S \ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.-6+D=' = @B +} 0 @$(  r  S ?\ `   r  S X@\  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.8+D=' = @B + 08N0F+ 2Academic Support Programs $L( " $ $ c $,\" ``  ,  $ c $,\"  , B $ s *޽h ? f33f___PPT10i.!u+D=' = @B +} 0 p$(  r  S ,\ ``  , r  S 0,\z'g , H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.CkC+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S pV\ ``   r  S 4W\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.ES+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S i\ ``   r  S j\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.G s[A+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S \ ``   r  S x\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.FX+D=' = @B + 08N0F+ 2Academic Support Programs ,L( " , , c $\" ``    , c $䳓\" `  B , s *޽h ? f33f___PPT10i.!u+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S d\ ``   r  S <\   H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.M+D=' = @B + 08N0F+ 2Academic Support Programs (L(  ( ( c $\" ``    ( c $\"6   B ( s *޽h ? f33f___PPT10i.!u+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S lw\ ``   r  S Dx\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.LIy+D=' = @B +} 0  $(  r  S \ ``   r  S ܃\ `  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.I>e+D=' = @B +} 0 $(  r  S ̌\ ``   r  S \ =}  H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.@w"+D=' = @B + 0 :(  r  S KG\ ``  G   S \  G "p`PpH  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.P%U+D=' = @B + 0  0(   x   c $RG\ ``  G x   c $RG\ ` G H   0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.*+D=' = @B + 0 :(  r  S dG\ ``  G   S PkG\ ` G "8D@H  0޽h ? 3F433___PPT10i.0+D=' = @B +$ 0 p$(  r  S rG\ ``  G r  S rG\ ` G H  0޽h ? 3F43380___PPT10.G]u} 0 $(  r  S dG\ ``  G r  S ?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~    Root EntrydO)Current User SummaryInformation(ܭPowerPoint Document(+ZDocumentSummaryInformation8

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