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Looking for a tutor this summer?  Unfortunately, the Learning Co-op is closed until September 2009.  However, several of the tutors are in Burlington over the summer and can be hired as private tutors.  This would not be connected with the University of Vermont; you and the tutor would decide on the appropriate pay and on a place to meet.

If you are a TRiO SSS student please contact Harri Williams ( for a tutor.

Writing Center Tutorsmer 2009      
Ashley Goodrum       all summer 802-735-1322
Pat Laclair                all summer 802-324-4330
Taylor Massa all summer 201-956-8737
Sam Wakefield all summer 802-338-2572
Sarah Anders all summer 617-279-3964
Mari Rufo                until 6/20 802-999-0651
Steve Hausmann 6/25-8/31 585-749-0419
Billy Clark 7/6-8/2 774-279-5769
Rachel Conrad August 802-384-3131
Subject Area Tutors
Anthro 21Ray
Anthro 95 Sam Werbal-Sanborn  
Bio 1 Allison Rapp  
Bio 1 John Soltys  
Bio 1 Christopher Morriss  
Bio 2 Allison Rapp  
Bio 2 John Soltys  
Bio 2 Christopher Morriss  
BSAD 60Ray
BSAD 61Ray
BSAD 120Ray
BSAD 141Ray
BSAD 150Ray
BSAD 180Ray
Chem 141 Ross Grimshaw  
Chem 141 John Soltys  
Chem 141 Christopher Morriss  
Chem 141 Caleb Doyle-Burr  
Chem 142Christopher
Chem 142 Ross Grimshaw  
Chem 142 John Soltys  
Chem 142 Caleb Doyle-Burr  
Chem 31 Ross Grimshaw  
Chem 31 John Soltys  
Chem 31 Christopher Morriss  
Chem 31 Vanessa Patten  
Chem 32 Ross Grimshaw  
Chem 32 John Soltys  
Chem 32 Christopher Morriss  
Chem 32 Vanessa Patten  
EC 11Brett
EC 11Ray
EC 12Brett
EC 12Ray
Math 10 Julie Kwok Until July 1
Math 10 Bryce Shattie  
Math 10 Kenneth Gollins  
Math 10 Silas Smith  
Math 16 Bryce Shattie  
Math 17 Bryce Shattie  
Math 19 Bryce Shattie  
Math 19 Kenneth Gollins  
Math 20 Bryce Shattie  
Math 21 Julie Kwok Until July 1
Math 21 Bryce Shattie  
Math 21 Kenneth Gollins  
Math 21 Silas Smith  
Math 22 Julie Kwok Until July 1
Math 22 Bryce Shattie  
Math 22 Bryce Shattie  
Math 22 John Soltys  
Math 22 Silas Smith  
Math 52 Bryce Shattie  
Math 9 Julie Kwok Until July 1
Math 9 Bryce Shattie  
Math 9 Kenneth Gollins  
Math 9 Silas Smith  
Pbio 201 John Soltys  
Physics 11John
Physics 11Bryce
Physics 11Vanessa
Physics 12Vanessa
Psych 1 Caleb Doyle-Burr  
Spanish 1 Christopher Morriss  
Spanish 1Ray
Spanish 2 Christopher Morriss  
Spanish 2Ray
Spanish 51 Christopher Morriss  
Spanish 51Ray
Spanish 52 Christopher Morriss  
Spanish 52Ray
Stat 51 Ray Narva  
Stat 111Ray
Stat 141 John
Stat 141 Ray
Stat 151Ray
Stat 195Ray

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