Recommend Tutors for Your Course(s)

All of the Subject-Area tutors working in the Learning Co-op are required to obtain a faculty recommendation for each course they wish to tutor.  The Co-op is always looking to hire qualified tutors, and we appreciate your input in the process.  Please feel free to talk with your best students about the opportunity to work as a tutor in the Learning Co-op, and recommend those students you think would best fill this role.  Your feedback is invaluable as we seek to employ the most talented and engaged students on campus.  Of particular interest are students who:

The recommendation can be completed on-line by following the link embedded below.  Clicking the link will open a new window and will require you to enter your UVm netID and password.  Once completed, the recommendation will be sent to our office directly.  Please be sure to include the name of the student you are recommending and each of the courses for which you are recommending them.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recommendation process or tutoring program in general, please feel free to contact Rachel Conrad, Tutor Program Coordinator (656-7841/

The link for this form will be the same as that currently listed on the website (an embedded link on the bottom of the page):