These worksheets are provided to help you manage your time well this semester. Use the Weekly Class Schedule and Weekly Study Schedule to organize your time during each week.  Put on the Semester Calendar the important assignments and exams in all your classes. This will help you determine when to start preparing for each. Then use the weekly timesheet to build in preparation time, along with daily tasks and social events. Build in review of lecture notes on a daily basis, allowing at least 15 minutes per class. Once on the weekend, build in a cumulative review for each class. Use a colored marker to indicate when you plan to review.

Good luck!

Weekly Class Schedule

Weekly Study Schedule a 7-day hour-by-hour grid for planning.

Semester Calendar a monthly plan grid for tracking those long-term projects and exams.

Watch a short video to help you get started: Time Management Video

Or just come in and meet with one of our Learning Skills Tutors!