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Anatomy and Physiology:

"It was an excellent way to review lecture."
"The SI Leader is very knowledgeable about the material and is willing to answer any questions."
"I found SI very helpful."
"Very helpful in answering all questions."
"The SI Leader was wonderful at finding ways to explain the a way other than that of lecture."
"The SI Leader broke the information down into its simplest form and made it easy to understand."


"The SI Leader was the best I've encountered in the past two years. Always prepared with handouts that definitely help."
"The SIs were great. I'm sure that my grade was much higher because of SI."
"I liked that the groups were small."
"I felt that this was a good way to improve my test scores."
"Very well organized and the leader was extremely knowledgeable."


"I took SI all last semester and I still do helped me so much and I was able to understand all of the difficult concepts and equations."
"The SI Leader explained the material very well. Even at times that I don't understand the topic, the SI Leader uses other methods to explain and makes sure that I understand..."
"It helps to go over the material learned in class slowly."
"...and had it not been for the SI sessions, I would not have done as well in chem."
"I find SI useful to succeed in chemistry."
"I feel I have an understanding after leaving SI."
"In SI you didn't only learn from your own questions, but from other students."


“------- is a great SI leader. Really dedicated to help kids out. Great powerpoints!”
“The sessions were a great supplement to the class and the exam review sessions were the most helpful.”
“The SI Leader brought great excitement to the sessions; I would not have done well without them!”
"It definitely affected my grade."
 “The SI Leader was great! Explained the material in a different manner than the professor and was helpful.”
"It was great, THANK YOU!"


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