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SI Leader Job Description

SI Leader Job Description:

Job Description:

Supplemental instruction is a program instituted at universities nationwide. SI is offered in those classes that have high rates of enrollment and high rates of D's, F's, or withdrawals, predominantly in the sciences and social sciences.

The program assists students by offering opportunities for an increased level of engagement with course material. SI leaders attend lecture and take notes along with students, then prepare two, hour-long review sessions each week that focus on key skills and concepts presented. SI leaders incorporate valuable study skills, techniques, or strategies within practical applications of the course material.

Leading supplemental instruction requires a substantial time commitment and dedication. SI leaders are expected to:

  • Attend Supplemental Instruction Leader training
  • Attend all class meetings of selected course
  • Act as a model student
  • Schedule and conduct two, 50-minute study sessions each week
  • Hold office hours each week
  • Prepare materials and plan each session
  • Make in-class announcements and distribute surveys
  • Collect and submit contact data for ALL SI sessions
  • Maintain close contact with students, professors, and supervisors


Supplemental instruction leaders work within the peer-tutoring model embraced by the Learning Co-Op. As students, they have taken the course for which they are leading SI (or an appropriate equivalent) and received a minimum grade of a B+. In addition, each leader must receive a recommendation by the faculty in the department ensuring their knowledge of the material. Often, SI Leaders have previously worked and continue to work as Subject-Area tutors in this discipline with the Learning Co-Op.


$9.60 per hour to start; with raises available with experience.

Complete an application by following the link (PDF). You may submit your application online by emailing the completed PDF form to, or print out and complete a paper copy in the Learning Co-Op (L/L Commons Room 244).

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