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A group of runners gathered on a dirt road with a building in the background

A group of runners gathered on a dirt road with a building in the background
This black and white image shows twelve people on a dirt road (Lost Nation Road) with a building (Tamarack Lodge) in the background. The runners appear to be in front of the main office building (not visible). In the right foreground of the image is part of a white wooden post fence with some plants (goldenrod) growing in front of it along the roadside. The road runs from right (further from the camera) to left (closer to the camera). There are two women on the left side of the road running right to left. Their heads are turned towards the camera and they're smiling. Both women have short dark hair and are wearing tank tops and baggy running shorts. The woman closer to the camera is wearing Nike socks and sneakers while the woman further from the camera has Saucony sneakers. Behind these two women is a small car parked in a dirt lot. The first half of the license plate is blocked but the second half reads "6956." The make, model, and state of the license plate is indecipherable. To the right of the car is a patch of mowed grass with some tall bushes and white flowers growing behind. Behind the car and the flowers is a row of medium-sized evergreen trees. In the middle of the image there is a man running left to right with a group of seven people standing on the far side of the road behind him. This group is standing in front of a sign and the entrance to the parking lot in front of Tamarack Lodge. The man in the road has short hair and is facing away from the camera. He is wearing a white t-shirt, baggy running shorts, and Nike socks and sneakers. The group of people behind him are wearing a variety of athletic clothes (tank tops, shorts, tights, sweatshirts, and windbreakers). There is one man wearing a sweatshirt that reads "Delaware" and one man is pointing across the road to the left of the camera. There are some white cups sitting on the ground by this group. Behind this group towards the left is a white sign hanging on a metal post (with a lantern on the top). There are two more men standing on the far side of the driveway entrance to Tamarack looking to the left. They are both wearing tank tops and baggy running shorts. One man has a sweatband around his head. Behind these two men in the background is Tamarack Lodge which is a large boxy wooden two story building with an open gable roof. The edge of the building is cut off on the right, but four windows are visible on the second floor with three on the first floor (two to the left of the front door and one to the right). The front door has an awning overhead and a row of four very small vertically-oriented windows set in white trim on either side. In front of the building is a small stone wall and dirt parking lot. There appears to be one small car parked in the lot to the left of the building (largely blocked from view by the group of runners). Behind the parking lot and the building are some trees (can't tell if they are evergreen or deciduous trees). There are some shadows in the parking lot indicating it is a sunny day. This image appears to have been taken in the summer and it is likely that the group of runners are participants in a Craftsbury Running Camp. The whole image is tilted down to the left.
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Craftsbury Outdoor Center
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Kaitlynn Miller
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HP Elitedesk 800 desktop computer, CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner
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Caitlin Patterson
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