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A common space with couches and a fridge

A common space with couches and a fridge
This black and white image shows what appears to be a square room with white walls, three couches, a wardrobe, lamp, chair, TV, chalk board, fridge, and braided rug. This is most likely one of the common rooms in Cedar Lodge. The floor is covered with striped wall-to-wall carpeting with a striped braided rug laying on top of it. On the left wall, the right side of a striped couch is visible with an attached end table on the right that has a large lamp on it. The lamp base has flowers on it and the lampshade is white and cylindrical. To the right of the end table is a wooden wardrobe with two large front doors and a hand-written sign (indecipherable) on the left door. In the corner of the room, where the two walls meet, is a wooden chair with a dart board resting against the wall (on the floor) behind it. On the right-side wall, to the right of the chair, is an old TV (with antennas) sitting on a wheelie metal stand. To the right of the TV is another striped couch (same as the one on the left wall). The right half of the couch is missing it's cushions. There are added back rest cushions on this couch. Above the couch, on the wall, is a large chalk board with a mountain scene drawn in the upper right corner. There is a piece of printer paper attached to the left part of the chalk board. Decipherable words read "Honest Abe's Canteen" and "coffee." There is more writing on the paper but it's indecipherable. The fridge is to the right of the chalkboard and is white with a large top door (the fridge) and a smaller bottom door (the freezer). There is another piece of printer paper attached to the large door of the fridge. Decipherable words read "Honest Abe's Prices", "Jokes", "brownies", and "Thank you." The remaining words are too fuzzy to read. There is a small piece of paper near the fridge door handle that reads "Juice." The remaining two words are too fuzzy to read. There is another small piece of paper near the handle that has an indecipherable pattern on it. In the foreground of the photo, on the right, is a plaid couch that faces the couch on the left wall.
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Craftsbury Outdoor Center
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Kaitlynn Miller
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HP Elitedesk 800 desktop computer, CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner
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Caitlin Patterson
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