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Farm Buildings and Dwelling in Lyndon, View from Hill

Farm Buildings and Dwelling in Lyndon, View from Hill
St. Johnsbury
This image shows a view of farm buildings and a dwelling in Lyndon from the top of a hill. Utility lines run alongside the unpaved driveway. Surrounding the buildings there are large tracts of pasture land. In the background, the landscape becomes hilly and thickly forested. Multiple large industrial buildings are visible through the trees. In the distance there are multiple mountain ridges. Gary Aubin writes on 2013-05-29: This is NOT Lyndon but in St. Johnsbury. To the right of the farm house in the NYNEX building, now Fairpoint. Route 5 follows the river in the valley. Below the sand banks Comstocks drive in, now GMC dealership, and Vinton Motors, now FedEx. To the left and above the sand banks the NVRH, the hospitol, and the St. Johnsbury Convalescence Center can be seen. I do not know where this farm is, or was, located. Wendi Willson writes on 2015-02-02: This farm is located on Mnt Pleasant St. Ext. in St. Johnsbury, Just up the road from the cemetary. Edward Gray use to own 2 farms and bottled (where the garage is to the left of the house) and delivered his own milk. Don Taylor and family use to live here
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Gray, E. + M., St. J. - Lyndon I 91 - 3 (13) Sect I. Parcel 92. St. J-Lyndon I 91. Nelson Place Use Either, 1st May Not Be Sharp. Nelson Farm on N'ly Side of TR #4
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