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Aerial View, Athletic and Redstone Campus

Aerial View, Athletic and Redstone Campus
Writing on the back of this historic photograph reads, "The 3 million physical education facility (center of photograph) consists of three major units. The gymnasium (partly shown at left), named to honor Roy L. Patrick '98 contains three basketball courts, squash and handball courts, locker rooms, and classrooms: the Natatorium (center), named after Frank D. Forbush, '86 houses the Olympic pool; the field house (right), named for Albert L. Gutterson, '12, contains the baseball cage, indoor track, hockey rink, and tennis courts." The field house complex occupies the center of the photograph (the building and the parking lot), while to the left of the complex are the athletic fields, and to the right are the administration buildings. Behind the complex is Redstone Campus, where the Protestant Church, Redstone Hall, Southwick Hall, Coolidge Hall, the Mason-Simpson-Hamilton and Marsh-Austin-Tupper dormitories are in view. Behind campus is the city of Burlington, which can be characterized by residential dwellings and trees down to waterfront. Industrial buildings and large factories along the shore of Lake Champlain characterize the waterfront. When compared to the rest of Burlington, campus is relatively devoid of trees, which is indicative of the past land use history. Spear Street frames this photo on the bottom, (identified by the large elm trees that line it) and Lake Champlain at the top. The breakwater is just barely visible in the lake. Season is autumn. UVM campus.
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