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Bridgewater Village

Bridgewater Village
1944 - 1991
This hand-colored lithograph on paper with watercolor is by American artist Neil Drevitson. It was done before 1991 and is entitled 'Bridgewater Village.' It is 13 by 15 1/8 inches. It depicts a small village during a snowfall at dusk. In the foreground is either a road or river done in grey and deep rusty red tones covered with white that looks like drifts of snow. The inscriptions read "27/100" and "Neil Drevitson" in a deep rusty red. In the middle ground is a series of buildings among tall thin bare deciduous trees and bright orange bushes. There are two brown dwellings on the left with steeply sloped snow-covered roofs. To their right is what appears to be a yellow church with a snow-covered roof and steeple. Brown windows line the side of the building and they line the second story under the steeple. To the right of the church is a two story possibly brick building with large dark windows. It appears to sit at the corner of the street and next to it sits a two or three story white building turning grey in the approaching darkness. There are streaks of yellow in the snow on the roof reflected from the setting sun. Next to this building, partially hidden by one across the street is a long building of which only the roof can be seen. The building across the street is a two or three story white building. The sun is also reflecting in yellow tones on the roof and top story. Beyond the village tall, dark trees can be seen. The sky is darkening near the horizon but little yellow remains between the trees. The season is early winter. Courtesy Robert Hull Fleming Museum, University of Vermont, Ellison and Frank Lieberman Collection, 1991.80.12.
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Robert Hull Fleming Museum, University of Vermont
Illustrated by Neil Drevitson, American Artist
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Amanda Sawicki
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Ellison and Frank Lieberman Collection, 1991.80.12
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