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Aerial View of White River Junction

Aerial View of White River Junction
1950 - 1980
The back of the photo reads, "White River Junction, from Agency of Development and Community Affairs." This photograph shows the town of White River Junction from across the Connecticut River. In the foreground is Lebanon N.H, which is a village with tree lined paved streets. Utility poles and large deciduous trees can be seen lining the streets with cars dotting the landscape. Across the river lies the town of White River Junction, which can be accessed by a variety of bridges visible in the foreground. The two bridges in the foreground are made of iron; the bridge to the right is used for cars and the left for trains. A train is traveling across the railroad bridge. The two tracks in the background are also made of iron, and again the closer bridge is used for railcars, and the second is used for car transportation. In this location the Connecticut and the White River converge. The river in the background appears to have a sand or gravel bar by its shore. Young trees and small shrubs are along the riparian zone. The town of White River Junctions sits across the river on the floodplain, and appears be inundated with train traffic. In the center of the picture a large train yard is visible and many train cars and automobiles are scattered throughout the yard. The town surrounding the train yard is composed of various wood dwellings, brick public buildings, and churches. Numerous streets with utility poles and deciduous trees are also visible. In the hills above the town are a series of terraces, upon which clusters of houses and meadows lie adjacent to each other. The hill directly above town appears to contain a sand or gravel quarry. Roads are visible cutting across every landform in the image. The season is most likely spring or fall because there is some snow on the ground and there are no leaves on the trees.
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Architecture. Automobiles.
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