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Copper Roast Beds

Copper Roast Beds
1860 - 1883
The historic photograph shows an industrial site. There is a large stack of firewood near some wooden buildings in the foreground of the image. Smoke from copper roasting beds where ore was processed is visible on the right side of the photograph. Buildings are dispersed throughout the middle ground of the image. There is a cleared hillside with some trees (right side) in the background image. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2005-5-19: Very early in Vermont history copper had been found in Vershire & mined on a small scale. During the Civil War copper was much needed. In 1865 Smith Ely of New York City gained controlling interest in the mines. By 1880 the mines produced over 3 million tons of copper & 2,000 men worked the mines. So the town decided to change its name from Vershire to Ely. But by 1882 the mines were in serious financial difficulty & the town went back to being Vershire. The price of copper dropped & in 1883 the mines closed. Smith had no money to pay the miners who then rioted and what is known as the Ely War began. Utimately the state militia was sent to Vershire; miners were arrested; peace was restored and so ended the Ely War.The mines never re-opened as did the ones in Strafford in both world wars.
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Special Collections, Bailey/Howe Library, University of Vermont
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Mines closed in 1883
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