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A group of fifteen runners run across a field

A group of fifteen runners run across a field
This black and white image depicts a group of at least 15 runners running across a field. The group is most likely a Craftsbury Running Camp doing some sort of workout. They are running left to right and all the runners are facing the camera except for the first runner who's already past the camera and is running out of the right edge of the frame. This runner is wearing a backwards ball cap, a white tank top (with a "W" visible on the side), white shorts, a bracelet on his right wrist, and Asics sneakers. There is a very small traffic cone on the grass just behind this runner slightly offset to his left. The next runner in the pack is a man with greying hair and a beard with a sweatband around his head. He is wearing a dark tank top with a circular pattern and some words on it. The legible words read "Back to Work." He is also wearing a white sweatband on his right wrist, black baggie shorts with black lycra shorts underneath, white socks, and Asics sneakers. The woman to his left has very short dark hair and is wearing stud earrings, a necklace, a black sports bra, running shorts, a large watch, a sweatband on her right wrist, and sneakers with thick soles. The next runner in the group has a ball cap on and is wearing what appear to be clear safety glasses. He is also wearing a white tank top that's been cropped above his belly button, shorts, Nike sneakers, and a large watch on his right wrist. The rest of the runners are all in a tight group behind the first four runners and are all wearing sneakers, running shorts, and tank tops or t-shirts. The group is a mix of men and women. The field consists of short mowed grass. There are some dead patches of grass underneath the first three runners in the right foreground of the image. There is another small traffic cone in the left foreground of the image. In the background of the image at the far edge of the field are is some taller bushes and grass with with deciduous trees (with leaves) and evergreens behind. There are some puffy clouds in the sky. It appears to be a partially sunny summer day.
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Craftsbury Outdoor Center
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Kaitlynn Miller
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HP Elitedesk 800 desktop computer, CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner
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Caitlin Patterson
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