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Winooski Cottage
This is a photograph of a small house on the fringe of Winooski. It is located near St. Michaels College and is on the right side of the road when you exit Interstate 89. The main subject of the picture is the small white house with yellow window shutters. The view is of the corner of the house so you can see the side panel which has three windows towards the roof and what looks like three about half way down the house. A section of the lower windows are covered by a small roof overhang. One window is visible in the front of the house, the other one likely covered by a tree. There is a large bush on the side of the house and three small trees in the front. The house is also blocked off from the street by a small stone wall and has a grassy lawn. There is a curb cut to the left of the house. The main road is depicted in front of the house and there is also a large tree behind the house. Another house is depicted to the right of the white house. It is white with green shutters and rather quaint. There are two windows on the side of the house and a small porch out front. Utility lines and a driveway or small street separate the houses. The trees seem to be just getting leaves but the picture was taken on a sunny day. The picture is different from the original firstly due to the color of the houses. In the original the first house was yellow and the second one was darker. Small renovations seem to have been made to both houses and there is considerable more vegetation. The stone wall is new and the modern day power lines are much more extensive.
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Elyse Stiner
Elyse Stiner
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Elyse Stiner
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