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Route 5
1930 - 1940
Photo shows route 5 in Thetford. Note elm at left and outcrop at right. Torrey Lyons writes on 2008-01-04: This image shows a road going through a landscape with no other indications of human activity. The trees immediately alongside the road have been cut, with the exception of a large elm tree. To the left of the road is a mixed forest which gently slopes up, and to the right is a rock outcrop and a steep incline. The top of the steep incline is forested with mostly conifers, and a lone birch tree stands below the tree line. In the distance a white pine stands above the rest of the trees, with branches only at the top, suggesting it grew up in a competitive environment, not exposed to as much light as it now receives. The road bends to the right in the distance, and mountains can be seen in this direction. The road is paved, The season is probably summer as the trees have leaves. gil welch writes on 2012-10-31: I believe this is the view south on US Route 5 -- about 2.6 miles south of East Thetford. lat 43.776982 long -72.205753 As will be evident from the current picture (which I will attach), the elm is gone, there has been more clearing on the east side of the railroad (exposing the river) and there been a lot of overgrowth on the western side of the road (partially obscuring the outcrop and totally obscuring the western curve of Route 5 in the distance.)
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43.776982 N latitude, 72.205753 W longitude
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Cow Culture; Deciduous; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Elm; Forests and Plants; Geology; Human Constructs; Landforms; Living Things; Mountains; Nature; Outcrops (Geology); Roads; Roads,Paved; Trees;
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