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Panoramic View of Downtown

Panoramic View of Downtown
Catie Shuman (wq1962005) contributed the following commentary about the historic image. This image shows where Main Street (in the center), Canal Street (curving off to the left of the photograph), Vernon Street (now Rt-142, which is unseen in the photograph), and Bridge Street (curving off in the bottom-right of the photograph) intersect. A stop sign is visible at the intersection in the middle foreground of the photograph. The view looks north towards the town center. On right side of the image there are several cars parked in front of a building that now houses the Brattleboro Art Museum. The Connecticut River and part of Mt. Wantastiquet is also visible on the right side of the image. The riparian zone appears forested on the right side of the river. Two smoke stacks can be seen along the bank on the left side of the river. A car is driving down Canal Street with a person crossing the road in front of the car. There are several other vehicles on the roads, some parked, including a truck parked in front of the white building with the awnings. A flag can be seen flying from the roof of one of the buildings near the center of the photograph. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2005-1-8: Note: What is now the Brattleboro Art Museum was at the time of this photo (and for many years thereafter) the railroad station. This was the terminus for three railroads: Brattleboro & Whitehall, Vermont & Massachusetts, and Vermont Valley railroads.
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