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Brownell Library
1910 - 1940
This black and white photograph captures the Brownell Library in Essex Junction. The modest, one-story, brick, gable-roof building is sited on a well-tended lawn at the opposite side of a packed dirt road. The road crosses the extreme foreground of the image. Wheel tracks from horse-drawn carriages or early automobiles traverse the road surface. A stone curb, grassy parkway, and concrete sidewalk line the far side of the road. The library sits slightly back from the road up a small grade. A small set of steps ascend the sloping lot, and a concrete walkway approaches the primary entrance of the building. The library was constructed in the Colonial Revival style, likely only a short time prior to the date of the photograph. A pair of doors are centered on the symmetrical façade and are surrounded by a transom light, flat pilasters, a flat entablature, and a round pediment. The door is flanked by elongated, multi-paned windows that are topped by splayed lintels and keystones. An arched window is visible on the left side of the building. The building sits on a stone foundation and is topped with a slate-covered roof. Small plantings grow along the foundation. A mature, leafy, deciduous tree shades the right side of the building. A cluster of modest dwellings or outbuildings are visible just beyond the tree foliage. Half of a barn is visible to the left of the library. A few farming implements sit alongside the barn. A dwelling and a few small outbuildings are visible beyond the barn and library. A few young deciduous trees have been newly planted along the parkway of the road, and a thick line of deciduous trees crowd along the background beyond the buildings. Utility lines cross the upper half of the image. The thick foliage suggests a summer season. This photograph was taken by a photographer for the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. and contributed to the Landscape Change Program by the Penobscot Marine Museum, located in Searsport, ME. Eastern Illustrating was a postcard company located in Belfast, ME that took thousands of photographs throughout New England and upstate New York between 1909 through the 1950s. To order a print of this image or to learn more about the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company Collection visit our website: email:
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Brownell Library, Essex Jct., VT. 323.
Barns; Building, Brick; Buildings; City trees; Culture; Dwellings; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Farm buildings; Flowers; Forests and Plants; Human Constructs; Landscapes; Living Things; Machinery; Nature; Outbuildings; Plants; Plows; Public buildings; Roads; Roads, Earth; Season; Shade trees; Shrubs; Sidewalks; Streets; Summer; Time; Trees; Village communities; Wooden-frame buildings;
Penobscot Marine Museum
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company
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Elizabeth André
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