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Houses on Brookes Avenue
This color image shows two houses on Brookes Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. The green house in the right side of the image appears to be two stories with an attic. Green steps lead up to the front door and covered porch. Trimmed hedges border the perimeter of the porch. Stained glass windows are visible on either side of the front door. To the right of the door, the number 93 is visible. A cement walkway leads to the front of the house from the sidewalk and street. The second house appears to the left of the image and is similarly two stories with an attic. The house is peach colored with a red border along its base. A cement walkway and steps lead to a small covered porch and white front door. Shrubs also appear at the base of the porch. Partially obstructing the house from view, a tree with red blossoms stands on the front lawn. Trees are additionally seen in the background of the image. In the foreground, the street is visible. The season is likely spring as the grass is beginning to turn green and leaves are starting to grow on the trees. In the historic image, the destruction caused by the ice storm is apparent. Trees and branches cover the lawn in front of the homes. Ice is visible on the branches of the tree in front of the peach-colored house as well as on the roofs of both houses. Similar shrubs as those seen in the modern image border the porches of both houses. The season is likely winter as snow and ice is seen throughout the image.
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Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor
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Erin Taylor
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