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Ely Mine Smelting Shed and Flute

Ely Mine Smelting Shed and Flute
1860 - 1900
This historic photograph documents the mining operations at the Ely Mine in Vershire, Vermont. In the foreground, a grassy slope littered with large boulders leads down to an earthen road and a wooden bridge that crosses a small stream. The roadway is lined with large rocks (similar to those that comprise the bed of the stream) and utility poles, and a pedestrian can be seen walking along it. Adjacent to the bridge is a small collection of barrels and what appears to be a boat. These items are all located in the yard of the large white house, which is visible on the right hand side of the photograph. Behind of the house on the right runs the stream (that can be seen beneath the bridge), which meanders between the bank upon which the houses stand and the large mine tailings pile in the background. The tailings pile sits adjacent to the stream, and appears to be a holding area for a large volume of harvested trees; which may be used for fuel in the smelter. The mine tailings pile appears to originate from the smelting shed, which are the large long buildings in the background and the buildings directly adjacent to them. Large ventilation copulas and chimneys that can be seen extending from the roof of the building can characterize this shed. In front of the smelting shed the boarding house (right) and a variety of different types of sheds (left) are visible. The hills in the background are devoid of major forests, however various pockets of conifer and deciduous trees can be seen among the hillside. Dominant features on the mountainside include the large fieldstone flute (upper left) and small bedrock outcrops (upper left). season summer
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Prosperity of Ely mined dwindled before 1900 and the mine eventually closed. Cleared hills.
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