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Main Street Bristol
This image depicts part of a block of Main Street in Bristol, VT. This block was damaged during the Bristol fire that occurred in 1924 and has been renovated and re-occupied since. The shorter building on the right has been painted a shade of teal with purple trim, and the attached, taller building to the left has been painted cream with teal trim. You can see just a bit of an attached brick building to the far left. The road in the forefront is paved and there are several cars parked along the street. A business called In Stitches Embroidery is in the bottom of the teal building, and two businesses called Greetings and Honey Lights occupy the bottom of the cream colored building. There is an alley between the end of the block on the right and the beginning of the next block, and another brick building is just barely visible in the right side of the image. A large foliage-less deciduous tree is visible behind the featured block, amongst several other trees and a forested-looking area. A telephone pole with utility lines is also visible when you look down the alley between the blocks. To the far left and in the background you can see the mountains which are just coming back to life in early Spring.
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Main Street Bristol.JPG
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44.133333 N latitude, 73.078333 W longitude
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Tacia Eriksen
Tacia Eriksen
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Tacia Eriksen
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