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Alburg Bridge
North Hero
Grand Isle
Photograph shows a bridge from the approaching road at water's edge. Kate Maciejowski writes on 2008-01-04: This image was taken from a road that borders Lake Champlain. This is known because of a metal wire guard rail that runs along the very forefront of the photo. Much of the photo is of the lake which is very still. Along the edge of the water is a bank lined with stones probably to help stave off erosion; the road leads to the bridge itself. The bridge is about 200 feet long and has sturdy metal railing along both sides. Its structure comes up out of the water in 6 large concrete platforms. The connecting shore on the other side of the bridge has a similar bank lined with large slabs of rock as well. A small house is visible just along the road at the end of the bridge. Behind the bridge, along the opposite shore are many tall deciduous trees in full bloom, suggesting that it is Summer. On the other side of the bridge, but still along the opposite shore, there are two larger houses standing behind another row of deciduous trees (probably Maples?) The most visible house is white and has waterfront and possibly a beach. The sky is full of big puffy clouds. David Lathrop writes on 2008-02-27: This picture is of the North Hero-Alburg bridge which I believe was built in 1954. This is a fixed bridge. This photo was taken from the North Hero end of the bridge. Cynthia Hutchins writes on 2012-10-26: The large white building is the W.E. Hutchins store and the darker building was then a Methodist church.
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