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Barre Granite & Quarry Co

Barre Granite & Quarry Co
1900 - 1920
Historic photo shows the open top of a granite quarry in the winter, while a derrick and work building sit nearby. The derrick is in the process of lifting a granite block. Note the man at the bottom of the quarry holding cable attached to the block or the derrick cable. Another man walks along a fresh cut surface. In the upper left a man stands in front of what looks to be a flatbed railroad car. Many large and small granite blocks sit around the quarry. Rooftops of several houses can be seen in the distance. Note the contrast between open fields and forest in the background. Snow covers most of the area. Andreas Kuehnpast writes on 2013-03-25: The quarry shown in this photo was known as the Canton quarry. For a few years it was operated by the Barre Granite & Quarry Co., a quarry operator founded in 1905. In 1906 the Barre Granite & Quarry Co. had operated four quarries on Millstone Hill: Barney quarry, Canton quarry, O'Herin Quarry and Walker quarry. By 1909 three of these quarries had been sold to other operators and the Barre Granite & Quarry Co. just continued to operate the Canton Quarry. In 1909 the quarry had a size of 300' x 200' and was between 35' and 60' deep. In 1915 or 1916 the quarry was taken over by E.L. Smith, another quarrying company. The Canton quarry was still operated in 1939 and is still visible in contemporary aerial photos.
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Architecture. Height of granite quarrying in Barre.
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