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Bird's-eye-view of East Braintree Village

Bird's-eye-view of East Braintree Village
1907 - 1915
The historic image gives a view of the village from an open field on a nearby hill. A wooden fence borders the field. There are several houses, a tall smoke stack, a possible industrial building with stacked lumber, and a church in the village. Most of the landscape around the community is cleared, but there are forested mountains in the background of the image. It looks like summer. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2006-2-14: The town of Braintree was chartered by Vermont to a group of men, many of whom had been residents of a town with that name in Massachusetts. As can be seen in the photos in the Program there was little farm land and many hills & trees. Although the town has 38 square miles it has never had any major population center, but has several villages: West Braintree & East Braintree. The latter changed its name to Snowsville in 1832. It\'s name came from Jeremiah Snow who came to the town in 1812. He had been a sailor & a lay preacher. He built a saw mill & grist mill & for a time prospered but little traffic got to the town and he died a pauper. In the north east corner is a small hamlet that was known as Connecticut Corners because the people who settled there came from that state. Another hamlet on the east side of the town is the village of Peth, the origin of that name is not known. As can be seen in the photos, the town as a goodly share of hills & mountains. The ridge of the Green Mountains, which is known as Braintree Mountains, runs in a northerly diagonal. Many of the individual peaks are about 2,000 feet high.
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